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  1. trigolf

    Decibel Meter

    My Vitesse DHC with standard exhaust and very whiny diff sounds like a Lancaster on take off.. Gav
  2. A very kind offer, thanks Roger- but I live in Christchurch, Dorset. I need to dismantle the brakes first anyway. Gav
  3. Ok. I've given it some thought and think the jury's verdict is sound ! I'll have to see if I can persuade my work colleague to pop round with his mig welder.😕
  4. Ok, Thanks Badwolf - looks like JB Weld could do the trick. Gav
  5. Evening all. I'd like to repair the wear groove in the brake backplate, caused by the handbrake lever pin, under the brake cylinder. I don't have access to a welder, to fill the groove with weld. Has anyone successfully repaired the same wear with a steel 'putty'. I'm thinking of trying Steel Stik. It seems to get very good reviews ? Gav
  6. It's definitely do'able as one unit (gb+od). Done it a few times myself. I 've found taking passenger seat out helps - gives a bit more room to wrestle it out through that side. It's easier still if you have a mate -one person underneath, as Clive says, managing trolley jack under the box and one person inside doing the hauling about. I'ts a heavy old bas...d ! Gav
  7. Ian, IIRC, the Le Mans Spitfires were fitted with white chassis, as this makes spotting any fatigue cracks easier. Gav
  8. Many years ago,one of my radius arm brackets was mullerered at the shock attachment end. I gave up trying to get it out and took it to a local garage. They had to use a gas axe and extreme violence to get it out! Nowadays I wonder if one of those induction coil gizmo's would work. Theyseem to have pretty impressive abilities. Gav.
  9. Well, took the Vit out for a 60 mile run today - first trip out in ages. Managed to avoid all the holiday traffic hot spots and a pleasant run out in the countryside. Spotted 2 x TR6, 2 x A/H Healeys, 2 x MGB's , 1 x Capri MK1, 1 x Stag and 2 x Lancia Monte Carlo's. Wht was was even better, was that on returning home, I didn't smell faintly of petrol - for the first time in ages ! All that work refurbing the Strombergs was obviously worth it. Gav
  10. Did Ferguson do a diesel version of the Grey Fergie ?
  11. I've got both front seats from a 13/60 - matador red. They are very rough (been in storage for years) and reluctant to throw them in a skip. They would need new foams and diaphragms. But the frames are good. You can have them for free if you collect from Christchurch, Dorset. Gav
  12. Can't help with a spare item I'm afraid - but how about making one ? It's only hardboard with three or four rubber feet cut to fit inside the the wheel rim. Gav
  13. Bin it and fit a solid one as Colin says. We had same vibration prob on our 13/60 and got a solid type from a 1200 in the local scrapper ( those were that days). Strap rhymes with crap for a reason! Gav.
  14. Pete, checked float heights @ 18 mm. The floats are the right way up. I've also checked that fuel pressure is in spec - which it is. I'm going to try an extra thin washer under the needle valve and set to 18 mm. Thanks for the link to buckeye. I'll have a look.
  15. Afternoon all, i've been having problems trying to make my carbs fuel 'tight'. Long story short - both carbs have been leaking from the throats/overflow for some time. I've fitted new genuine needle valves, jet o rings and gaskets etc. I've checked the float height level several times now and they look fine to me. I can find no trace of Pete's pet hate -rubber pipe slivers- in either needle valve or carb innards, or anywhere! I see in the workshop manual, in the 'setting float height' section that, ...'an additional thin washer under the needle valve will lower the fuel level' I can understand this statement - but what float height do you set, if you do this ? I'm confused !
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