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  1. The setting is “qt”. Quite tight”. Yes just jam the blades but don’t damage them as you may get an inbalance
  2. I rarely lock my car. With the exception of the boot. Use a good steering lock and an immobiliser if you wish.
  3. 1300 cc 60 bhp. Well roughly! There’s also a 12/50.
  4. Mgb s have a wrinkle finish paint. Easily available from mg specialists
  5. I would agree that the search function isn’t great. May I add , can you get a job with the government. It’s great to hear admission of guilt!
  6. They are offset because of the width of the tunnel and the lack of wheel arch intrusion. Just a quirk of design. After 36 years I don’t notice it 😎
  7. In the comfortable, north London suburbs in 85, when I bought my herald. Mgb/ midgets were fashionable amongst the late teens. Triumph was the left of centre choice. We enjoyed being the alternative underdogs ..
  8. Mines a witter if you need advice.
  9. If you are using a single carb you won’t really see the minor advantage of the spit engine. You should get low thirty’s. V
  10. I have a 1300 spit in my herald. So thirsty compared to a 13/60 thrashing around country lanes 20 mpg. Motorway and a roads 35. Snowdonia trip. 28-30.
  11. Generally normal but as mentioned it can be slightly improved. The valance won’t make any difference however. These cars will float a bit at speed.
  12. mishmosh


    The temp gauge simply needs a live feed taken from the voltage regulator and an earth.
  13. mishmosh


    To be fair . If anyone is still falling for this type of scam after 20 years , and all the press coverage. I wonder whether it’s time they turned off the computer for good.
  14. If you mean they don’t lock. Then that’s relatively simple. The drivers push button is a simple affair to fit and adjust. The passenger side is simple engineering to adjust with little to go wrong.
  15. If you mean they don’t lock. Then that’s relatively simple. The drivers push button is a simple affair to fit and adjust. The passenger side is simple engineering to adjust with little to go wrong.
  16. I am a member of Shropshire Tssc and had some heated debates with some members .. and continue to do so on occasions .I am an admin on this site , mostly due to my amazement that the internet wasn’t appreciated as a resource. I am also active as an admin on the unofficial Tssc page that was set up when there was no forum. I put a lot of energy into the FB page , but not so much here. For which I apologise. I have been a member 33 years and have seen the club get older and shrink. Lets support what we have and continue to talk to the other triumph clubs.
  17. mishmosh

    Buying a Car

    Colour change is an easy amendment. But clarification with seller is a must. It’s a common and easy item to sort Ved. Same as any car. Simply apply on line and drive away.
  18. Only issue comes when reassembling a car you bought in bits !
  19. mishmosh


    I put black and white on my j reg Equipe. It started life with raised yellow. I prefer the yellow
  20. I wasn’t able to attend but have attended the previous few years events. I agree with the need to have covered areas. There are a number of smaller agricultural show grounds that should work or even consider farms. We farm In Shropshire just off the m54. We could provide most facilities. But no concrete ! Maybe approach the NFU and enquire with them
  21. Club agreed value will be essential.
  22. As above. Clutch. It’s not too big a job to pop the gearbox out. Sounds like the first job is check gearbox and engine mounts. The wiper switch is rubbish. Bypass it before condemning the wiper motor. Seals are tricky to get good ones these days but as mentioned plus paddocks fitchetts. A hard top is a good investment. Changed the car entirely. The gear box tunnel benefits from sound and heat proofing. And it must be as airtight as possible. Roll bar. Your choice. Never a bad thing unless it’s a poor design. .
  23. nice find. If I recall , B and M home bargains carry most of the range for a similar sum. They also have a multi pack for around £20 !
  24. there were a number of fastback roofs made for spitfires. The most common being a Lenham. Also of course the Le Mans spits were hardtop coupes. Have a look on Jigsaw racing’s website.
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