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  1. Hi Pete can you please tell me the measurements as starting point please? ive had my hubs pulled off and eager to get them rebuilt many thanks Jonny
  2. I'm looking into this mod, have you any more pics? Brackets, hoses many thanks jonny
  3. Thanks Pete, I'm looking at getting these remade to original spec in England. It sounds like a handed pair would be better? Regards jonny
  4. Hi all can someone tell me if the bonnet springs on vitesse/herald are handed? As in the crank on the opposite end to the hook? I have a pair and both crank the same way, I wouldn't of thought triumph would make them handed? Many thanks jonny
  5. Thanks Pete, I did repair the front tube ( better than it was when I got it) but I got a NOS one from ebay last month so I'll change the full tube ;-)
  6. Sadly the garage is full of bikes/scooters but the triumph is under a carport. I've only had one piece of welding on the chassis that was 2"X2", I didn't get the prop but I work for a hydraulic cylinder company and we have robot welders so shortening the prop isn't an issue. As for the engine that pic was taking in the back of the van haha the Mrs would kill me if I took it in the house lol
  7. Hi all I'm a newbie here couldn't find an introduction section, I bought a 67 vitesse convertible back in August 2015 and started to strip it down to do a restoration on it. My mates dad had it in his garage for 30+ years and it hasn't been on the road in that time. The chassis is in remarkable condition as is the body but will need a lot of surface rust removal. I'll be asking loads of questions later no doubt, check out my pics in album Regards jonny
  8. Here is my latest project, it's my first ever triumph ( been a ford man all my life) I bought it from my mate who's dad owned it for 30+ years but sadly passed away. It's a 67 and I've been collecting parts since I bought it back in Aug 2015.
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