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  1. There is a C shape clip which has a split pin passing through the the top and bottom of the clip. Try pushing the clip up the pin. If this cures the problem secure the clip in place with a electrical chocolate block connector. Graham
  2. Graham C

    Flat EV

    Has anyone got experience of towing with an EV a caravan or horse trailer with two horse in the trailer. What sort of distance would you get out of the EV? Hear at lot about commuting using EV but no one talks about towing. Graham
  3. I believe in Nottinghamshire when getting to the end of a session and doses are unused they notify the emergency services and asked them if they are anyone one who is wanting a a vaccination. Late at night yo have the police, etc queuing up. Sounds good to me and protect these important people who help the community, not sure if this happens elsewhere. Graham
  4. Now the PO knows where that odd screw should have gone that was left over at the end of the job. Graham
  5. In addition it would have been mono and the speaker was located of the passenger side shelf. The speaker would have been supported on black card the same as the shelf. Also when driving you could hardly hear it. Graham
  6. Scrapman Subtle humour. Considering most topics are about paint, oil, diesel, petrol, self harm and loads of red wine, you actually lucky if someone reads the post. Graham
  7. No one has mentioned Park Lane classic, always my port of call. Graham
  8. I can remember that type of chart being on my father's garage wall in the 60/70s for a Vauxhall vx 4/90, also a Vauxhall Victor 2000. Happy memories Graham
  9. So a council has spent £70000 for road to no way, for cars which can't deal with an acceptable live stock control. So the car manufacturers get a profit for selling something not for fit purpose and the public pay for it. On a similar matter, in Nottinghamshire we have houses built in a quarry, we have land slides of the cliff edges, guess what it is the council now who have the responsibility to monitor the Cliffs and guess who will pay for any corrective action. We have incorrect insulation on buildings, developers have made their profit and companies charge for maintaining these buildings, but the public will pay for the removal of incorrect material. Get your profit and run to the hill, don't worry some one else picks up the bill. Graham
  10. I have just read a story that Somerset council has had to spend £70,000 to alter a cattle grid so cars with sensors can cross it. It appears these cars suddenly apply their brakes as it thought it was a wall. Some cars have left the road. Cattle grids have been around for years but no car makers do not pay, the council does to allow their cars drive over a grid. Graham
  11. Alberto, you have two very nice cars. Graham
  12. Do you not know the other people rights are higher than yours, so you must expect to give way to others at all time. To question these people is just so wrong. Graham
  13. Roger, you are correct it is your car and it would not bother me what you have done. I just find it amusing people are introducing gas strut to lift bonnets and boots, just my opinion. As Kevin say these struts can cause other issues and stresses. Have you alltered the angle that the strut sits in when the boot is open that causes the flexing? Graham
  14. I will start this thread. Happy New year everyone. Hopefully we can all meet up this year. Graham
  15. I agree Simon bbc electronic ignition are good, and I have not had any problems, have two one on Spitfire Lucas and another GT6 Delco. Good price as well Graham
  16. Is that another Web site that rivals Doug's one.
  17. Indemnity insurance, do not start on that one. We have a 170 mm wide by 1 m long strip of foundation on the neighbours property, in 2003 we followed the party wall act 1997 and got a letter from the neighbour giving us approval for this. Accepted by the council alongside the plans. You guess it not good enough for the solicitor now, I need insurance and also a statement of truth from another solicitor saying this is not a problem. I do not expect any change from £400 plus. Stupid thing is the fence post on the boundary have bigger foundations on the neighbours land. In the past had insurance to cover a bad lease, solicitor try to explain why I needed it, I still did not understand it and It seems I could not claim for anything but needed it. Solicitor admitted he had never heard of anyone claiming on it. With the pecking order of solicitors yes I have heard the same opinion from a criminal practising solicitor what he thought of conveyancing solicitors. An interesting thought, indemnity insurance runs at approx £200 for 20 years, so really this does mean the insurance companies consider this a very low risk by nature, hence this must mean it is simple at## covering by solicitors. Graham
  18. Sorry Non member, you are correct, I forgot. I can remember building them at Speedograph Arnold Nottingham when I was a student. Amazed how simple they were. Graham
  19. Hello All We are in the process of moving, and as part of this having to deal with on odd breed of people called Solicitors. We have asked to confirm no one who has owned our house have never broken any of the covenant s on the house, quite hard as the house was built in 1930. So how am I to know that no one never sold alcohol from the house, Tec. Did offer to supply the names of previous owners so they could track down next of kin. In addition we were originally set with a solicitor but could not use them due to conflict of interest but this was after a deposit was paid of £25, now you would think that returning this money would be easy. Anyway as it came via a third party it is not. Had a phone call from them asking for bank details, would not take details over the phone I had to scan a bank statement and send it to them. Then the solicitor would phone me to read back the details, I asked for a cheque can't do that. By this time was I had enough told them to give to a charity and put phone down. Now just had an e mail to say they can't give it to charity. So if I am not prepared to jump through hoops to get my money back, they can't or will not provide a cheque I wonder what will happen. I do find solicitor s hard to deal with and quite old fashioned. Graham
  20. Have you tried just attaching the temp gauge to the old sensor to see what happens? The sensor is nothing technical a thermocouple at the bottom of the brass fitting held in place with a spring. You could compare to old gauge and even a thermometer. Graham PS Colin beat me to the reply.
  21. Merry Christmas and happy New year everyone. Let's hope next year is better and safer. Thank to all for keeping me amused and helping with information. Keep safe and get the vaccination when offered. Graham
  22. Sorry gas struts for boot lids. Have our owners grown weak in limb? What is wrong with with the original set up? As for the bonnet, you brought the car with the original bonnet set up, did you not lift the bonnet when you brought it? If you want an easier boot and bonnet to lift, buy a Reliant Robin. Sorry for the rant but really this was how the car were designed. Graham
  23. Sorry was there a question in the message. A roll over without diagonal? I would follow JohnD advice and have a bar without diagonal. If I was to go for a roll over bar that is what I have, however theses seem to be hard to find. Graham Ps like with your first post light the blue touch paper and stand back. Graham
  24. Well Alan you have now opened the tin of worms, the question that should not be asked. Just like "should I fit this pipe that feeds extra oil to the rockers". Everyone has an opinion and the value of commercial roll bars against race tracks ones. I will now wait for JohnD to answer the question, as actually he does raise some good points. Over to you JohnD. Graham
  25. Sometime ago there was a story in the Courier about someone building a GT6R from scratch. Not sure what happened, from memory the car was slightly larger than a normal GT6. Until the mention here I had a feeling it was an April fool joke. Anyone have any information on this car? Graham
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