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  1. I have extended a pipe up into the tank so the draw off level is the same as the reserve level to avoid drawing any debris off.
  2. Bob a friend had a similar fuel problem the electric fuel pump on his Stag wasn't performing, bigger replacement fixed it, well he did have a Leyland 4.4ltr in there!
  3. When I rebuilt my daughters Spit Mk2 engine around 18 years ago (need a refresh) it had that horrible leak at the rear N/.S of the head to block ie the rocker oil feed. I was bu**gered if I was going to remove the head to fix this little dribble so I made a nappie that fitted over the top of the bell housing to block joint area, which I regularly replaced/cleaned, here is our then club magazine editors response when he saw it, think you'll find it amusing.
  4. I sometimes custom make the pop rivet if it’s to long, tap the rivet off the stem/nail saw to required length ie the of material plus a little protrusion (say 1/8in) quick file of the cut end put the rivet back on the stem the right way and fit in hole and pull up, all nice and tidy
  5. Won't bother buying one then, usual price for a 2 Row Spit Alloy here appears to be around $150 to $180. I paid around $100 around 15 years ago for a Spit Mk2 Alloy Rad locally sourced,
  6. I've seen this Spit 1500 Oil Filter Adapter advertised on ebay frequently tho' I think USA predominately. What's it purpose and why was a remote adapter reqd over the straight screw into the block filter that's the normal arrangement. Was it to do with LHD and the steering shaft alignment and clearance going thro the turrent. I'm just curious?
  7. How can you beat this at $59Aus with free local delivery, for a Spit 1500, a 3 row Aluminum radiator. Even if the weld looks a little heavy, you can can afford to replace at 5yr intervals
  8. plus pump to use more of that precious battery power/storage, always thought they should be converting that heat into energy, Ha!
  9. nice aspect Colin, pity to drop oil onto it!! You obviously have enough wheels (incl trailers) to keep you very busy! Like you and Matthew I have enough spare parts to mech rebuild a herald or spitfire, spares mostly on 7mts long by 2.2mts high 5 shelf industrial shelving around the biggish double garage walls, a full front suspension set up both sides incl turrents and brakes, plus rear drive axles, hubs and vertical links, spare engines 1500, and 2 lt, spare g/box's Dolly 1850 for Vitesse, and a 1500 with J Type, spare 4:11 diff rebuilt, herald/Vitesse rear wings, Spitfire rads, NOS Herald steering rack, rebuilt steering column incl new indicator & headlight switch's, plus grey steering wheel, box's of new suspension and steering parts, box's of new wheel bearings for Herald/Spit and Vitesse, Herald/Vitesse NOS Stanpart front outriggers, home made Spit front outriggers, spare Spit GT6 chassis, various prop shafts, I could make a bitsa Spit/GT6 rolling chassis!! Oh I also have a spare complete Sprint engine, must rebuild it in case!! daughter would love to put a Sprint engine in the Spit, not going there to much mod reqd. In case I fall off the perch all parts have tags or titles on the box's explaining what there for and their state of reconditioning, so the daughter (Spit Mk2) can sort out what she wants to keep or get rid of, sons not interested. I now have a little spare shelf space having given away all my Jag X Type spares to a Jag fanatic for use by that club. Now what can I buy!!
  10. Attached is an email between me and a friend who is responsible for the AOMC (Assoc of Motoring Clubs, here in Victoria) keeping of Registration Records of Pre 84 Victorian Registration Records, an old card system, the AOMC do paid search's of Vic Registered vehicles for historical and legal confirmation of previous registrations to enable re-reg of old vehicles. The search's are important on some specialized models like the Ford GTHO Falcons and AU Torana's which are worth nearly up to $1M, and if you review the enquiries there appears to be more claims to fame than original models produced! Can anyone answer Phils query re how to search for the number of rare vehicles that currently exist in the UK ie Registered or I believe Sorn'd Thanking you in advance Regards Peter T 70692
  11. The proposal of a tee in the outlet pipe will let you drain the tank or divert fuel for other uses, but if you want to isolate the tank to work on the outlet to pump hoses without draining the tank an in line valve plumbed into the tank outlet fixture would be reqd, the TR6 looks similar to the early Spits ie fuel is drawn from the bottom of the tank with a compression olive and pipe nut locating and sealing a short length of steel/copper pipe which protrudes into the tank to avoid drawing crud off the bottom of the tank. In the case of the daughters Mk2 Spit I replaced this arrangement with an in line valve with a male screwed end incorporating a compression olive with a short length of copper pipe to extend into the tank was screwed into the tank base female threaded fitting, the tank and its contents can now be isolated permitting the easy replacement of any in line hoses and fuel pump pipework. I was lucky I had access to a selection of process control valves (all best quality) with all sorts of end fittings, plus in line, right angled and even a 3 way valves, I chose the right angled valve to minimize the length of the arrangement and located the outlet in the direction I wanted. The valve ends had the same olive/pipe nut fitting as the original set up so it screwed directly into the tanks existing fitting compressing the olive onto a short length of pipe, can't remember what the tank base fitting thread was it was 20 years ago and I had access to our organisations substantial Fixed Plant Maintenance crew and stock. If I want to drain the tank I simply shut the valve, disconnect the rubber joiner in the outlet piping and connect a length of hose to waste/container and open valve, then have a coffee and wait. The Vitesse I have also modified to draw fuel from the tank bottom rather than sucking from the top, here I removed the drain plug that goes thro the boot floor and put in similar process control fittings, valve and extended pipe into the tank to the same location of the existing pipe depth, this enables the tank tp be isolated and the delivery pipework to the pump is always charged/drowned so the pump can easily suck via gravity not by syphon through the tank top.
  12. I think there are 2 lengths of the clear plastic horn biro available you need to ensure you get the right one
  13. Not having a good day inserted the tables into the Spotted section so I've deleted it and will start again, Bu**er! Please let me know if there's any errors, & I must revisit and work out the best speedo gear for a Spit 1500 engine and single rail 1500 gearbox gears (fitted into a 3 rail case) with a J Type Overdrive mated into a Spit Mk2 with a std 4:11 diff, and speedo head. Peter T
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