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  1. Hello Pete, Just to put in my two pence in. I brought my Vitesse MK 1 from Andy Wilkes and what a nice surprise to meet and deal with some one who knows his Triumphs. I went to view the Vitesse and he was so helpful, even putting the kettle on. All his information was critical to me as it was my first jump into classic car ownership. Once i'd brought the car i could even ring/text him about ideas to improve on etc and can still email him for advice. A great bloke with great service and sold me a great Vitesse which the family love (It was in CCW week before last in value my classic)
  2. John many thanks and great post by the way. I'll keep you informed of my journey ????
  3. Because the engine in my Vitesse is a 2500 from a TC would a sump gasket from a 2000 fit? Thanks again Regards Rich
  4. cheers Pete Regards Rich
  5. It was as expected, the timing cover was ok it was one of the bolts at the front of the sump which goes straight into the alloy bridge. I managed to get the stripped bolt in with a dollop of Hydromar and got a good (ish) purchase. Nipped up the remainder and oil leak gone (for now anyway). When I've got time ill change it to a steel bridge. many thanks for all your help
  6. Please see more pics of the engine also. Thanks Rich
  7. Dave and Pete, Many thanks for your replies. Im trying to get a pic of the gearbox but having issues. I keep trying. Many thanks Rich
  8. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me identify my current gearbox. It's stamped in the correct place but has been stamped over and reads GR 570087 there's also 32 stamped right on the corner also. The car is a vitesse mk1 and it has a 2500 engine from a TC Many thanks Rich
  9. Pete sorry to jump on this thread but after having a yearly tinker under the car i noticed the OD (D Type) pinned castle nut and end cap stop was really loose. Obviously i cannot just 'tighten' it up as it will possibly foul the solenoid shaft when i engage the OD. I'm thinking its a case of tunnel off, checking the movement with the WSM and then screwing it back on once I've engaged the OD so as not to foul the shaft whilst its on its engaged profile? Thanks as always, Regards Rich
  10. Many thanks Pete, as always very helpful. Regards Rich
  11. Thank you all for your replies, I think I'll take of the cover and have a look at the timing chain and associated items before making my mind up which parts to replace. Kind regards Rich
  12. Good evening all, I've finally found the source of an oil leak and its coming from the bottom of the timing cover. I'm going to take it off and replace the seal and also do the crank rubber seal whilst I'm there. Is there anything I should be aware of and would I have to take off the timing chain to get to the oil seal? Common sense says yes but thought I'd ask you knowledgeable folks. Thank you Rich
  13. Hello Dave did Rimmers get back to you ref the U Bolts? Im going to do my nearside one as when i checked the bolts just spun around but the off side is fine. Not sure where to order them from. regards Rich
  14. Thank you all for the replies, I'll have another look and do some measuring. Steve I may take you up on the springs once I've figured out the set up. Regards Rich
  15. Hello all, Ive had the Vitesse (MK 1 CV) for a few years but when i brought it it had been lowered by quite a bit. It did'nt have a lowering block in under the rear spring so i believe the spax are whats brought the height down. I've replaced the rear spring as the old one snapped, but the shocks on it are spax on all four corners. Im going to get the ride height back to normal but am stuck with what the front spring lengths are? Does anyone know the total unloaded spring length for the front springs as i think my springs are also 1 Inch shorter than standard. I want to take off all the spax and go back to original shocks which i believe will improve the ride and raise the height so i don't hit every other speed bump with the exhaust. Thoughts from the knowledgeable greatly appreciated Regards Rich
  16. Many thanks Pete and H948, Been out tonight and its all good. Looks like a winter job Regards Rich
  17. Funny thing happened today, driving the vitesse (mk1 CV) and suddenly lost all gears when going from 1st to 2nd. The pedal just hit the floor with no resistance. It then came back and is working as normal! I checked the fluid, linkage and clutch slave operations and all is fine! Has anyone every experienced this? Many thanks Rich
  18. Pete sorry for late reply, once again many thanks for the info. Regards Rich
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