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  1. Pete Thanks for your comments. Will look at gear lever first and whether I need a bush kit. Last thing I need is the gear box out. I have restored several Triumphs but hopeless when it comes to engines and gearboxes. Always get a friend to assist in that area, but he is away at moment with Formula 1.
  2. Spitfire 3 rail gearbox. Started to jump out when in reverse. No problem if I keep my hand on the gear lever. Not used car for 12 months whilst I completed the build of car (started with 3 wrecks and boxes of parts). Worked ok last summer. Gear box tunnel off and propose to take gearbox top cover off, or could the problem be with the remote control shaft. No experience of gearboxes. From first picture to second picture. Any advice would be helpful, or do I leave as it is and hope that I never need to reverse?
  3. I have the headliner, all clipped out ready to start gluing. Read the article in the Triumph DIY restoration book by Peter Williams and also an excellent article for fitting to a TR6 written by an American. Neither of these are specific to a Spitfire Mk111. Does anyone have any other articles, with pictures that I may refer to that cover my car.
  4. Is it possible to take Spitfire 1500 door shells (minus the door skins) and re-skin them with Mk111 door skins to fit into a Mk111 spitfire or does the profile of the shell have to be modified. Has anyone done this?
  5. I need to refurbish my clutch slave cylinder as it is leaking. Car up on ramps, pipework disconnected. I have the workshop manual. I have to undo the two bolts that hold the mounting bracket. They are on top and difficult to reach. If I get off not sure I could get them back on. Or do I have to go to the long method of removing the gear box cover.It is the original and well stuck down.
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