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  1. Is that me or the car for the next couple of decades
  2. Hello all. Just wanted to report back regarding my Dynamo. First off all bought a pulley fan from chic dog very helpful people. Second took off the dynamo cleaned out years of dust with brake cleaner. Replaced the brushes and all running well. Thank you all for your advice Andrew
  3. Thanks guys will take it apart this weekend. Is it worth buying a new Dynamo or just clean up and replace the bushes if required
  4. Hi do all Dynamos on a Herald 13/60 have a cooling fan on as I have just noticed mine does not have one at all. Second question how do I check my brushes in my Dynamo need changing. Just been for a drive and my red light is on where do I start to look for charging issues. thank you in advance Andrew
  5. Hi all I have a solid prop shaft on my 13/60 but I have always wondered why it works, surly you need a sliding part to take into account the suspension movement. Would love to know the answer Andrew
  6. Hello to you all. Sorry for the questions but I need some advice. question one how easy is is to convert from a Dynamo to an alternator not the actual mounting of it but the wiring bit, and has anyone fitted the dynalite unit that looks like a dynamo but is actually a alternator. question two i am fitting a pre engaged starter motor with a solenoid mounted on the motor which is standard for this kind of unit. Do I still need the solenoid that is mounted on the car body as used for the old style starter motor. thank you
  7. Hi Guys just thought I would inform you all what I did. Multimeter showing the car was charging in the battery. So as instructed took of the battery terminals and found lots of crud. Cleaned all of re greased with petroleum jelly now all is good. Thank you for the tips on her.
  8. Bought myself a multimeter and yes the battery in charging. So I bought myself a new battery after all it is six years old
  9. Thanks all I will investigate and let you know my findings
  10. Yes I have a multimeter please tell me do I just connect it to the battery to see what the volts are.
  11. Hello. have been driving my Herald about 50 per week since the weather got drier so say march. Just tried to start it today and battery was flat. A couple of question please how do I check the battery is charging from my dynamo ( ignition light goes out when I got it going from a jump start) how do I ascertain my battery does or does not need replacing as it is five years old After my jump start took it for a five mile run and it would still not start would a run of this length charge the battery up to full any other suggestions what it might be. thank you in advance. Andrew
  12. Andrew

    Oil filters???

    Gfe 150 from club shop have been my choice every year for the annual oil change
  13. Another positive vote regarding a hi torque starter motor. Bought mine from club shop and the starting performance is beyond believe how good it is.
  14. Changed my insurance last month to classic line good price and breakdown cover included
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