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  1. Andrew

    Oil filters???

    Gfe 150 from club shop have been my choice every year for the annual oil change
  2. Another positive vote regarding a hi torque starter motor. Bought mine from club shop and the starting performance is beyond believe how good it is.
  3. Changed my insurance last month to classic line good price and breakdown cover included
  4. I have now replaced the 5/16 hose in the boot from the tank to the 1/4 inch petrol line. Just need to make sure you fully tighten the hose over the 1/4 pipe. Went out for a. 10 mile drive and all ok
  5. PS mine is a 1971 Herald 13/60 convertible
  6. Hi all found out that the standard pipe width in the tank is 5/16 which was standard on all Heralds. Then the rest of the pipe work is 1/4 work that one out. Have you ever tried getting 1/4 rubber tube on a 5/16 pipe. Not easy Andrew
  7. Hi I have replaced all my rubber hoses on the fuel system. Flexible to carbs, tank to pump where there are rubber hoses. The rubber bit in the boot tank to copper pipe is this a different diameter. andrew
  8. I would also be interested in a twiddle day Andrew
  9. The reason I went hi torque starter motor is two fold. 1 it does turn the engine over more efficiently and 2 more importantly it is a pre engaged motor so less wear on the ring gear. Does that makes sense. If not please comment always open to comments
  10. My car still has the long original bolt with a screwdriver head on. But as both bolts are of completely the pump will not come out as it hits the solenoid on the starter. And to make matters worse you cannot use the primer pump once the new pump is on as that to hits the solenoid. Any suggestions
  11. Herald 1360. Just discovered today that you cannot remove the fuel pump if you have fitted a high torque starter motor which I did about four years ago. So as well as having to remove the fuel pump you have to crawl under the car to get at one of the bolts holing the starter on. Unless I am missing a trick. All comments welcome. andrew
  12. Thanks guys. I will take a look this week and report back Andrew
  13. I also have a question regarding my fuel pump. All of a sudden my pump has stopped working. Fuel is getting to the pump but no further. What is the cause internally in the pump. Just curious, I will buy a replacement pump, or do I buy a repair kit and is it possible to fit the repair kit without taking the pump off the car. thanks Andrew
  14. All I will add to this is I bought mine from club shop and wow what a difference on starting up
  15. I have a Vitesse/ herald leather covered wheel for sale if of any interest to anyone. regards Andrew
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