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  1. Hi all I am looking at buying a Herald / Vitesse convertible. I currently have an MG Midget on the road and an MGB GT undergoing surgery... so I have an insight into maintaining classics. What are the main areas of tin worm that I should be aware of when looking to buy, are spares readily available and are there any books that I buy that may help in my search. Cheers Tony
  2. Hi all, I failed to find this in the search function so starting a new topic (correct me if I'm wrong). I have a usable (if scruffy) hardtop for my Vitesse Convertible and, before I pull off the hood and take the frame out, are there any reasons why you'd keep the hood instead of hardtop and full tonneau aside from personal preference? I quite like how the hardtop looks and the interior light would be useful. Also, if anyone has a smart idea for attaching the hardtop with some quick release mechanism instead of the j-bolts I'd be grateful! Thanks, Shaun
  3. Hello My girlfriend is thinking of buying a Herald; either a 1200 or 12/50 and would prefer a saloon. The main aim for use is as a daily driver. It's quite a tough decision and so I thought it best for Ruth and I to come and see people who own a Herald, who would let us have a look and talk about thier cars so it's easier for Ruth to make a decision. We live in North Buckinghamshire so would be grateful if anyone living in Bucks, Beds, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire or Leicestershire would be so kind as to let us come and visit to have a look at you're car. If you are, thanks and please message me. I myself and a classic car enthusiast, with a TR4A and an Alvis restoration currently underway. I'm glad I've rubbed off on Ruth and she's now becoming enthusiastic about classic cars, after all you'd be stupid not to right? But I just don't want her to rush into anything and regret it in the future. Thanks Adam
  4. Hi I have just joined the club after owning my Herald 1200 Convertible for 3 years. It's a 1963 model. I have tinkered about which has given me great fun but now need to start improving the bodywork. Love driving the car and going to the odd show. I live near Luton, Beds. Thanks Andrew
  5. Hi Finally coming to the end of my Herald 1200 rebuild but I need a couple of over-rider to grill spacer tubes (Stanpart 608098). The usual suspects don't seems to be listing these so can someone either point me in the right direction or provide a spec (length, insides and outside diameters) so that I can turn a pair? Many thanks Jim
  6. I'm currently stripping the bulkhead of my 1200 Herald back to bare metal to check for corrosion. I've removed the wiper motor, clutch and brake master cylinders, but am struggling to remove the accelerator cable. I've withdrawn the brass bush attached part way up the cable, but can't get the peice that attaches to the pedal through the hole in the bulkhead. Is there a trick I am missing? Karl
  7. From the album: Coupe 948 y798

    First job replace all the suspension joints. I had done this back in the 80s but with original stanpart parts. searched for at auto jumbles and scrounging around at triumph part dealers. Whilst the coupe had only done 4 miles in and out of the garage and up on and off a trailer. Time had killed the rubber bushes so poly-bushes this time

    © angus.b.hart

  8. From the album: Coupe 948 y798

    © angus.b.hart

  9. Hi there, new member and new to restoration Having refurbished the fuel pump on a herald 1200 1965 I have reinstalled it but after the car initially starting and running, the pump stopped delivering fuel. Is it easy to not get the pump armature aligned with the cam? I will jump on it again tomorrow but I wondered if this should be a relatively simple task or if it requires some tinkering to get it right.Any little tips most welcome. Many thanks,Gary
  10. I have recently acquired a fibreglass hard for my herald convertible. I think that it is an Omnibob Bubble. Omnibob Ltd were originally based in Lancashire. It has a panoramic perspex roof and curved rear window. I have not seen one like this for a herald and I have looked at many many images on the web. There is only one for a spitfire. The rear window is heat damaged and requires replacement. Initial quote is £300+ I have tried locating the company but it seems they went out of business in 2011...if not earlier. A similar top, with what appears to be an identical rear window, was made for MG's but reviewing the MG/BGT forum hasn't produced any hint of a live supplier. Has anyone any ideas of a supplier or whom I may approach to get a replacement made. I am based in Leeds. Many thanks for your help in this matter.
  11. Regrettably a little whiffy, shabby and suffering from exposure to damp conditions, with the most notable damage effecting the outer sleeve and brown spotting at both stapled binding points. Still.. thought I'd share my great little find
  12. Hello everyone! I was a member many moons ago under Solo_Andy1989 on the old forum with a 1500 Spit. Anyway, I'm just about to finish my modern practical apprenticeship and so I've been looking at 13/60 Herald Saloons as a gift to myself if they give me a job after. My current car as it stands is a Nissan Micra, with a 1600 Almera engine and brakes and an electric water pump and home made pump controller (A bone stock looking granny spec '95 micra that does 0-60 in 8.3 seconds and can beat a Golf Gti makes for much hilarity). Nissan engines of this era intrigued me for a few reasons: 1. They use a distributor. The ignition coil is built into the distributor cap (although an external one can be used with a bit of a play), and the crank position sensor for the engine exists as an optical disc with slots where the points would be on a lucas dizzy, under the rotor arm. 2. They have a throttle assembly with an air flow sensor, throttle position sensor and idle control valve all built in. 3. The ECU's come both with and without imobilisers, and for £500-£600, you can have a reprogrammable daughterboard fitted and the ECU retuned for power, economy, torque etc etc 4. The ecu RPM output is sufficient to operate a Lucas Tachometer So, my plan is thus: Modify the top half of a Nissan 1.3 dizzy to fit the bottom half of Lucas dizzy Modify single carb Herald 13/60 intake manifold to take Nissan 1.3 injectors and fuel rail Manufacture an adaptor plate to fit the Nissan 1.3 (45mm) throttle/sensor assembly to the Herald 13/60 intake manifold Source second herald 13/60 head, rebuild modify to take a Nissan 1.3 coolant temp sensor Modify Herald 13/60 4-2-1 to take a Nissan 1.3 exhaust/lambda sensor Modify a Nissan Micra 1.3 engine loom to fit a 13/60 engine Modify a Nissan Micra 1.3 Immobiliser loom and ecu and fit under a 13/60 dash Modify the throttle cable accordingly Remove crank driven fan and fit electric rad fan (controlled my the engine ECU) I would expect this to do a few things: 1. Give me a fairly tidy and inconspicuous electronic fuel and ignition system with cheap, readily available parts. 2. Produce no extra power 3. Be infinitely more reliable than carbs and points 4. Make the car harder to steal It would also give me the perfect starting point for a serious power build. The idea would be to, after the novelty of fuel injection had worn off: Source second 13/60 engine bottom half, rebuild with US spec low comp pistons Fit larger 1.6 injectors Fit larger 1.6 throttle/sensor assembly (50mm) Fit Eaton M24 supercharger from a Polo 1.4 TFSI Fit 4-2-1 exhaust manifold Machine/source new crank pulley to gear for approximately 10psi Send to a man for tuning to approx 90hp Fit Vitesse brakes Lower car 1" all round Basically make it a little more torquey without resorting to changing the engine/gearbox/propshaft/diff etc like I would with a 1500, or the extra weight of a 6 pot. I considered fitting the Nissan 1600 engine, as it was originally designed for longitudinal mounting, but figured that wouldn't involve nearly as much tinkering! Any suggestions or (constructive) criticisms welcome :-) Andy
  13. Hi all. I am in the process of restoring a Triumph Herald 13/60 and have come to a halt at the fuel pump... The original fuel pump wouldn't pump.. Instead of replacing the valves and diaphragm, we purchased a new fuel pump that is supposed to fit a herald 13/60... However, the arm on the new pump is too long, I've heard that a spacer would solve this issue, and I am inclined to believe that... The issue I'm now having, is that the studs which secure the fuel pump to the block, are too short. My question I, whether a spacer would solve this, or if the arm is actually the wrong shape, therefore a spacer wouldn't help ? Thanks. Will.
  14. Hi there, I have finally got my Herald 1200 estate MOT'd and back on the road for the first time since 1988!! The car was bought new in 1967 by my Grandad so I know the 51K is genuine and after a service the engine is running well. Now for the question - I'm running on unleaded and didnt intend to get the unleaded conversion done until this head expires. So I want to have a temperature guage to keep a close eye on whats going on in the meantime. The standard Herald 1200 doesnt have a temperature guage so I'm looking to add one, but where to put the sensor? Other older cars I owned always had a sensor in the thermostat housing but not this one. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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