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Found 6 results

  1. Pdv

    Stale petrol

    Hi What do you guys use to stop petrol going stale if you use your car infrequently. I knew that it went stale, however over the years have never had petrol that smelt off though, but was told recently that it could be as little a couple of months. Thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. Steve
  2. Hi All looking for some parts to complete my herald. Would appreciate any help. One Piece Rear Taillight Trim (LH + RH) 948 Bonnet Moulding (Not handle) 948 Coupe Dash or Glove Boxlid 948 Coupe White Dials ( Speedo/Fuel - British Jaeger) - any condition. 948 or 1200 rear seat for convertible (top and bottom) Bonnet edge lip moulding Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all Me again ..... well I have started over again stripped the body off and started to sort out a leak from the diff. however I have a question. some time ago I bought a set of polybushes for the coupe (black ones) I have done the front with no problems. But at the rear the front diff mounting bushes seen to be very big compared to the rubber ones that I have just taken off. I know that the rubber ones will squash down somewhat when done up and over time with uses, but they were new Stanpart units when I put them in some 20 odd years ago and the car was never finished so had never driven. And there was no slaking on the fittings to indicate wear. If I put the new polybushes in as they are, would that not push the angel of the prop down (or up?) as the diff pivots on the rear mountings. So my question is should I take a bit off the new polybushes or not. And if so how much my thinking is if the rubber ones are made the squash down to give the tension, then that’s ok for the rubber ones , but I can not see that the polybush ones will squash down to give the same tension ant the same depth, if you see what I me. Any help would be very mush appreciated. when needs must and a swing is all you have!
  4. Hi All Greetings from Sri Lanka! I recently picked up a bit of a rough restoration project a 1960 Herald 948 Convertible. The car is currently is storage and i hope to start the restoration of it soon. This is my first triumph of any sort and looking for some advice and guidance with the restoration project - as an convertible herald is quite a rare thing in Sri Lanka - and i want to do the restoration justice. The car has had a rough life - with it being raced around a few hill climbs in the 70's and 80's and being subject to a few body modifications along the way - including a home made hard top. Will upload pictures soon. Hope to pick you brains on the bits and bobs as we go along. best, Shane
  5. From the album: Coupe 948 y798

    First job replace all the suspension joints. I had done this back in the 80s but with original stanpart parts. searched for at auto jumbles and scrounging around at triumph part dealers. Whilst the coupe had only done 4 miles in and out of the garage and up on and off a trailer. Time had killed the rubber bushes so poly-bushes this time

    © angus.b.hart

  6. From the album: Coupe 948 y798

    after some time in storage thing went down hill a bit.

    © Copyright of Angus Hart

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