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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone. In response to the tremendous amount of help that I have received from the forum members over the past few weeks, I have decided to open a new thread to keep all my woes together. I hope that some of my problems will help other members as I try to put my Spitfire back on the road after being mothballed for over 20 years. The topics already covers elsewhere are faulty tail/brake lights, ceased clutch, refurbishment of the horns, strange symbols in wiring diagrams, carburetor cleaning and setting, and other stuff which I will edit in as it comes back to mind. I have also converted my original pump windscreen washer unit to electric and will post details of this is due course for anyone interested. My thanks go to (in no particular order) dougbgt6, pete lewis, casper, colin lindsay, bordfunker and everyone else who has contributed to my woes and offered so much help. Some items covered in this thread which may be of interest to others - Page numbers may change slightly as this index gets longer - Page numbers will be added as I find them along with other items. Adhesive Bonding - Pages 35-41 Battery - Pages 60 & 61 Blade Fuse Box - Page 32 Bonnet Refurbishment - Page 41 onwards Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder Piston - Page 45 Clutch/Brake Master Cylinder Piston - Page 45 Courtesy Lights - Page 62 onwards Differential Front Oil Seal - Page 2 Door Badly Fitting - Page 22 'Dustless' Sanding Device -- Page 42 Exhaust Supply & Fitting - Page 1 Fuel Pipe Gates Barricade - Page 4 Fuse Box, Blade - Page 32 Gear Stick Refurb - Page 52 Gearbox Tunnel Cover - Page 56 onwards (with breaks for battery problems) Glove Boxes - Page 62 Gutter, windscreen - Page 21 Hard Top Reconstruction - Page 42, 49 Heater Control Illumination - Page 39 Heater and plumbing - Page 9 Leaf Spring Garage Fitting Disaster - Pages 24, 28 Misfire/sooty plugs - Page 4 onwards Pets - Page 43 Petrol Cap Locking - Page 7 Plumbing and Heating - Page 9 Radio (cheap oriental) - Page 37+ 39 plus others Seatbelt Stowage - Page 57 Sooty plugs/Misfire - Page 4 onwards Sparkrite SX4000 (Electronic Ignition) - Page 32 Water Pump (Spitfire/Herald) - Page 1 Windscreen gutter - Page 21 Trunnions, Front, Cleaning Out - Page 1
  2. Fellow enthusiasts - So I'm not very bright..... Well, I'm actually quite bright but the Herald 1500 isn't when things are in the 'right ' position. I will illuminate my conundrum... with the T switch right OUT my sides and heads are OFF but that isn't right is it? I push it in once for sides and fully in for heads and it's been working in the aforementioned manner since I rebuilt the thing 10 years ago ...but it is now annoying me and anyway a shiny new dashboard is here to be fitted so here's my chance. Nil excuses! Can anyone please advise? I have a fuzzy bit in my brain where electric car switches are concerned. Thanks David F
  3. I have a high note horn unit which appears to be faulty off a 1972 MkIV Spitfire. It refuses to make any noise and when put into circuit on its own makes the horn relay judder. Its friend, the low note horn works perfectly on its own using the same contacts. Using an electrical meter, there is no resistance reading across the terminal of the faulty unit. Is it possible to open the horn unit to repair it or am I just going to get a modern replacement?
  4. Hi guys, I have a question regarding the wiring on my 1972 Triumph GT6 MK3, and was wondering if anyone could help clear it up. I had a auto electrician come over a few days ago to help with the wiring who has worked on a GT6 before and couldn't get his head round the wiring set up which links the flamethrower oil to the distributor cap. I have included pictures of my current set up below. The engine turns over but doesn't run, this is due to there being no sparks on the spark plugs which tells me something isn't set up properly on the coil?? I may be wrong but if anyone can give me some advance on the wiring set up or send me pictures of their set up I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Jim.
  5. Hi guys, As I am coming close to completion of my Triumph Gt6 Mk3 restoration I am finding that most of my time is spent fiddling with electrics and head scratching. I have 2 relays (I think that's what they are called?) and I don't know where they go? I have one attached to the bulk head of the car already. If anyone can advice me where these two go and what they are used for I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Jim.
  6. Hi guys, Just had a quick question about my side lights/front valance lights. I ordered a new pair as my old ones were rusted through. And I noticed on my old pair they had a black wire attached to them and the new ones that arrived didn't (see pictures below) What does the black wire do? I'm sure this is very simple but I'm new to electrics Thanks! Regards, Jim.
  7. Hi All, I am restoring a Triumph GT6 MK3 and I am struggling a little with electrics, one problem I have is that of a yellow electrical device just below the petrol filler cap (I have attached pictures of it below). I wanted to know what his is? What it is used for? And mainly the locations of the wires? If someone could provide a picture of the wires attached to the device that would be perfect. Thanks! Jim.
  8. I have a starter motor which was given to me in a box of mostly Triumph bits. It is a Lucas M35J pre-engaged type which I suspect may have come from a Dolomite, or have come from some other Triumph engine that may have had a Dolomite flywheel fitted - to suit the starter motor. Does anyone know how I can confirm my theory? I could attach some photos, but all you'd see is a pre-engaged M35J starter motor. The starter pinion alloy housing bears a casting number that looks like '54247454ABDE', with what looks like an 'F' below the final letter 'E'. The unit looks like it has been professionally refurbished, since it bears a professional-looking orange 'Tested' sticker. It has been used, the pinion shows some signs of wear. I can't use it on my Spitfire, but I suspect it could be of value to someone else and plan to sell. The distance between the mounting bolts is the same as that on my Spitfire starter motor, and the (unidentified) starter motor appears to have the same distance piece/spacer (131570) as my Spitfire. Any help in identifying it would be useful and may ultimately help someone trying to get their car back on the road. Thanks, Graham
  9. Hi, I am in the final throws of putting a Spitfire Mk4 back on the road after 21 years of it being stored. The body, running gear etc is all done but now I have come to the electrics: I have a running engine with oil and ignition light and the wipers work but everything else seems dead. there is no power at the fuse box when I put an avometer on each of the + and - terminals on the three fuses but the fuses themselves seem OK. Is there something I am overlooking or do I need to go round every terminal and check it is sound and that all the earths work? Thank you Chris
  10. I am about to embark on fitting a new wiring loom (main and body) from Rimmer bros, the old loom was taken out years ago so no real reference point (though I have the smaller looms such as gearbox and front lights etc) I plan to use the various wiring diagrams, the new looms and a dose of common sense. To that point does anyone have any additional advice for doing this or can you advice if I need any additional wires or connectors than supplied, i.e. earth wires or similar (as I said I have the smaller harnesses for lighting and gearbox etc so should be covered there) and I'm aware I need the various relays and flasher unites etc etc.... Just trying to make this as painless as possible so any advice that can be provided would be very much appreciated Thanks Ben
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