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Found 6 results

  1. I’m rebuilding the front suspension of my GT6 mk3 and I need some help with the coil springs and dampers. I’m going to remove the springs and check the free length and wire diameter. The dampers are Koni Classic. Are the free lengths and wire diameters if supplied springs available? The dampers are adjustable. Are these the ones that need the spring to be removed and the damper compressed to solid to facilitate adjustment?
  2. Hi all, trying to sort a misfire out on my Gt6 mk1. Initially I thought it was the coil, had a good read of the posts on here, and thought I’d covered everything. So open to suggestions really. it happens when hot, on a day like today, car starts to lose power, eventually coughing, spluttering and finally backfiring when under load. Let it cool down all fine again for a bit. I’ve looked at the ballast situation, looked at my wiring and no obvious signs of ballast resistor or wire, straight forward white/red from starter to fuse board, white to coil from ignoition. No pink flecks or white and yellow wires so have assumed not ballast. Changed to a good quality coil of 4.5ohm, same imp as rubbish inter motor one that was on there ( on local tuners advice, it’s the only one he had! ) changed back to points and condenser, to check the module, still got the problem? I’ve assumed it’s not fuel as I’ve had this problem before and you don’t get all the backfiring ‘popping’ stuff with the power drop. The engine has only covered a few thousand miles since rebuild, but the only thing I didn’t touch was the distributor. It does appear to have a slightly wobbly base plate, I was considering replacing with an complete electronic unit from the club shop if the module was found faulty, but I don’t think that’s the problem as the points proved. Was planning to take it to SEM next weekend, but not looking to hopeful at the moment. ☹️ As always any help appreciated. Thanks hag
  3. Hi all, First time on here and pretty much a complete novice with cars! Bought a 1970 Triumph Spitfire Mk iii 1300 a few months ago - partly because I've always loved them, and also because I wanted to start learning about classic cars - just didn't think the learning curve would happen so quickly haha Anyhoo - if anyone could please advise me on something I'd be hugely grateful! I'm sitting here with a big pointy hat with the letter 'D' on it when it comes to mechanics, so please excuse me if this situation seems completely daft! The original coil she came with was overheating and I couldn't restart her until it'd cooled right down. Couldn't figure out if she was supposed to have a ballasted or non-ballasted coil, so somewhat irresponsibly bought two - a Lucas DLB105 unballasted (gold), and a Lucas DLB110 (ballasted). So the irresponsible bit was I took a gamble and installed the unballasted one. I'd had problems starting her up previously - often like 10 attempts. When I put in the new coil she started up absolutely beautifully! Chuffed with myself that I'd solved the issue I took her out for a spin - probably about 15 miles or so. Suddenly it felt like the engine was dragging - she wouldn't really accelerate - I dropped her down into 3rd from 4th and it seemed to correct itself. However about 5 minutes later I lost all power. The coil was warm but not roasting hot like the old one. I tried swapping the coils over, installing the ballasted one, but no joy - she wasn't even interested in trying to kick in - so a friendly neighbour towed me home. 2 days later I go out and give her a go turning over - started up beautifully - no problems at all. Didn't drive her though. This was three weeks ago. Went out yesterday and the battery had drained (previous owner had put in an immobiliser system which the local garage said I should remove - not sure if that accelerated the battery draining - I guess so?) Charged up the battery (2 month old one) - put the other new ballasted coil in and again, she started up beautifully. However, now I don't feel particularly confident to take her out for a drive in case the same thing happens and she cuts out So, I guess my questions are: Did I install the wrong coil originally? If so, could the effect have been the complete loss of power that I experienced, and with the new ballasted coil in, do you think the problem might be resolved? I understand that over a long period of time, having the wrong coil in could compromise the points (?) - I'm wondering if it too much power was going through the electrics and it cut out? Apologies for the long post - any advice would be gratefully received - all this gorgeous autumnal weather and I can't go out and play! As much as it's frustrating though - loving the learning curves Many thanks Mark
  4. My GT Mk3 has no visible ceramic ballast resistor connected to the coil positive terminal. I have read that it may have a ballast resistor wire instead but my coil has only one feed wire connected to the positive terminal and one wire from the negative to the dizzy. Is it possible that my car could have a hidden ballast resistor wire spliced into this single feed somewhere rather than two separate feed wires terminating at the positive terminal ? I am trying to find out why a new Powerspark Distributor and Viper Coil refuse to perform when installed in place of the old Delco dizzy and coil.
  5. Hi all, I was just wondering why some GT6 MK3's have the ignition coils attached to the body and some attached to the engine? Originally I believe they were attached onto the engine but there are mountings on the front of the body for the ignition bracket along with the wiper motor device. I have attached pictures below of my set up before and after repositioning it. is there earthing issues if its attached to the body? I much prefer it attached to the body, but what is best body or engine? and what is original.. Any clarification on this topic would be much appreciated. Regards, Jim.
  6. Hello everyone, managed to rebuild me vitesse engine and get it running a treat, but have probelm with breaking down when hot. I've read the other posts about this matter but just wanted to double check something, so here goes. Lucas 22d distributor fitted with (shop bought) magnetronic ignition and (shop bought) standard 12 Volt coil. now the car runs a treat for the first 5-10miles, then just isn't quite right and then coughs and splutters and misfires. Put a new (cold) ignition coil on runs a treat again until the coil gets hot. Now I've read the other posts and it would appear that what I need is a 3 ohm 12Volt non ballasted coil, I have 3 coils to play with all showing 1.5 ohm resistance across the terminals which get hot and fail every time. Will simply a 3 ohm coil cure this? Thanks Hag.
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