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Found 9 results

  1. I have fitted an aftermarket hazard light switch to my Herald which wires to the indicator feeds, 12v and 0v and interrupts the feed to the normal indicator flasher unit when pulled. When I pull it on the horn sounds! I'm nowhere near the purple earthing wires in the steering column or the permanent feed wires to the horns. WoThFk is going on? Can anyone explain what might be happening?
  2. I have a high note horn unit which appears to be faulty off a 1972 MkIV Spitfire. It refuses to make any noise and when put into circuit on its own makes the horn relay judder. Its friend, the low note horn works perfectly on its own using the same contacts. Using an electrical meter, there is no resistance reading across the terminal of the faulty unit. Is it possible to open the horn unit to repair it or am I just going to get a modern replacement?
  3. I'm about to start a complete rewire of my 67 Mk3 Spitfire. I've already acquired a complete loom from Autosparks and would appreciate any hints and tips to make the job easier. Are there any parts, tools or connectors that could help? Many thanks in advance, Steve
  4. Hi guys, I am In need of some help with the electrics on my 72 GT6 MK3, I have soldered one side of the interior light switches, however when I went to solder the other one the RH drivers side interior light switch there were 2 purple and white wires which are identical.. I was just wondering what I should do? Should I connect one and snip the other one? why is there 2?? If anyone can provide me with some help that would be much appreciated. I have attached pics below. Ps im not good with electrics Kind regards, Jim.
  5. Hi All, I am restoring a Triumph GT6 MK3 and I am struggling a little with electrics, one problem I have is that of a yellow electrical device just below the petrol filler cap (I have attached pictures of it below). I wanted to know what his is? What it is used for? And mainly the locations of the wires? If someone could provide a picture of the wires attached to the device that would be perfect. Thanks! Jim.
  6. Hi all Unfortunately, time hasn't allowed me to get to any events where I would have been able to check this out so any advise would be appreciated. Can anybody advise on how the indicators & side lights interact/work on 1965 Herald? I've not got to the electrics yet (big project) but plan to have a good look this week and had noticed previously that the side lights come on and if the indicator is applied, the rear indicators flash and the front sides change from static to flashing. I'm OK with electrics so really just need an understanding of how they should work (as I'm guessing his isnt correct) if anybody could advise that would be great. Many thanks Gary
  7. Hi guys, So, currently sitting in my garage is a late model Spitfire 1500 which has not been on the road for 10 years. The bodywork seems good, interior is a little tatty (or missing) But no great concern. The problem is, the engine won't start. It turns over,pumps fuel (which is fresh) but no start. The questions are, therefore, what should I be looking at? What perils usually lurk within a Spitty that hasn't moved in 10 years? As far as the engine is concerned, there's no spark from the coil (put the lead out next to bodywork to check), should I replace it? I'm presuming I'll need to sort out everything under the dizzy cap. To that end is it worth switching to electronic ignition? Or should I sort the old points condenser system first? As far as electric ignition can anyone recommend one, and any to avoid. Right. That about covers it for now. Sorry if it's a lot but I'm new to this game so please be gentle. this car has been inherited from my dad so I'd like to get her up and running. Thanks in advance for your help, Jonathan
  8. Hello I have bought a new key ignition switch and I want to move it to the original position on the dash. (someone has put an old one on the wrong place) my question is what size wiring do I need, is all the wiring on a Triumph Heralds all the same size or are the ignition wires thicker than normal for the lights etc
  9. Can anybody recommend a garage or restorer local to LE16? (not far fom the TSSC office) My 1963 Vitesse 6 is in good overall condition but has a number of minor issues which prevent me being able to use it regularly as daily transport. Firstly I would like to see the fuel gauge working, it may just be a bad earth but I am struggling as the dynamo may not be charging correctly either. Secondly I think that I need to get the points/condenser/ignition replaced. Finally I would like to get the carburettors balanced and fully functional as there are some absent hoses and connectors to the air filters. At the moment I do not have the time to get these things sorted myself as I am also working on a 1983 Mini Mayfair and a 1992 Rover 827 Coupe, unfortunately the Triumph was not quite as ready to go as I had been promised :-) Any suggestions/recommendations would be welcome. Many thanks Ian
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