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Found 11 results

  1. Well my Vitesse ownership learning curve continues to climb steeply!! After steering questions, bonnet cone issues we now have a long time turning over before it starts question. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a knack? The car is unfortunately out in the coldest the minute. I turn the key with the choke out, the engine turns, splutters but doesn't start. Then I have the engine cranking on the key but no attempt to fire, then there will be a brief 'catch' followed by a bit of a fire up but at low revs (5000) - if I'm quick I can catch the revs and away we go. Don't get me wrong it starts but in its own time, no rhyme nor reason either- sometimes quite quick to start, other times not so. I do the fuel pump priming as advised by the seller, especially if it has stood for a few days. Of course this might be totally the wrong forum, it could equally be an ignition issue? Electronic ignition and alternator though so not sure, really feels like fuel isn't getting through? Barry, proud owner of MEX 322H Vitesse Mk2 Saloon
  2. Hello, Can anyone please tell me where I can get a gasket set for this pump? I can see it’s an AC but I don’t know what model it is and it’s weeping petrol many thanks M
  3. For some reason getting fuel issues ie lack of fuel. Engine starts runs then 5 mins down the road , lack of power and its straight back home before she stops . Leave for 5 mins and she'll go again though needs revs and extremely lumpy and stops . Im getting fuel through when priming and have visual indicator at the carbs with inline glass filter - After she has stopped the glass is empty hence my logic in that the fuel pump is an issue . I also checked fuel line from tank to pump and that runs freely - I checked that with adding a cycle inner tube over the fuel intake and blow , any leaks will show and fuel comes all the way through to the pump. The diaphram is new as are all the gaskets - so changed the 1 way valves , the old ones seemed ok but that was only thing left . My question is how do I lock the valves in ie with a round chisel or is it with a press Any other input welcomed as running out of ideas - Up to now the car has performed faultlessly and with 2500 miles with current setup cant fathom whats wrong - The only thing ive done is to upgrade small sections of pipe from R6 to R9 at the carb end and any slithers would be caught by the inline fuel filter . Ive removed the piping from fuel pump to carbs , checked and all clear Paul
  4. Our Herald 13/60 has an intermittent problem with fuel flow stopping and the engine cutting out. This was diagnosed as a faulty fuel pump. We went to Rimmer Bros and they supplied a universal replacement fuel pump. It had a different arm that slots into the engine and they said this was not an issue. Unfortunately it has been and after a couple of breakdowns the AA helped and the man kindly called an old friend who explained that there are a variety of different specific pumps across the range of Heralds depending upon the engine. Apparently the universal one can slip a bit and not pump as it should. Can anyone advise what we can do. Is there anywhere where the original pump could maybe be refurbished - or a supplier that might have the correct one. Any help would be great. The car runs fine for hours and then just cuts out as the fuel is intermittently not going through the system. I have attached images of the original pump and the universal one - the significant difference being the arm. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. About a month ago I posted that I had a fuel leak on the exit side of the pump. Got some good advice on the forum on how to fix it and so I ended up cutting the flared pipe end off and finding a screw fitment to go into the pump secured to the rest of the copper by rubber pipe and two jubilee clips. So far so good. However, I now seem to have a problem with the car between 40 and 50 mph when it runs spasmodically lumpy it really does judder as though it is threatening to cut out. This only seems to happen at this speed, it ticks over beautifully and can run around at lower speed quite happily. Has my fix given me another problem? Is the nozzle I fitted to the pump too small an aperture? I am scratching my head so any advice really appreciated
  6. The fuel pump on my 1969 Herald 13/60 is not pumping any fuel. Is the best option simply to buy a replacement pump, or to try and rebuild it with a spares kit? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I need some help. The fuel pump on my herald 1360 has a very minor, weepy leak on the exit pipe to the carb. It's right where the brass nut joins the copper pipe to the pump. I have tried putting a half turn on the nut which didn't work and then undoing the nut and using plumbers tape around the nut of the pump and around the fixed olive on the end of the copper pipe. This has been dry for about two weeks but as I checked this evening, it has started weeping again. Any ideas? I don't want to replace the pump and pipe if possible as this seems like overkill to me Any advice gratefully accepted Thanks
  8. Just removed the fuel pump for overhaul , knuckle rash though reduced the length of an old 1/2ins open ended spanner and this will make maintenance easier . On examination it's clear that the diaphragm needs changing and the chamber was 30% full of crap. Looks like the diaphragm is original as its marked AC Is it best to buy a overhaul kit or purchase a new one . The cost of a new one seems very cheap ie approx £20 though they looked smaller than the original Any advice welcomed and best companies to deal with Best regards Paul
  9. Hi . overhauled the fuel pump with a kit from Canleys ie Diaphragm, valves , rubber gasket . outer gasket On dismantling there is a PETROL PUMP - OIL SEAL WASHER mine is ropey to say the least - I asked canleys and they said it was included though it was too small diameter to go over the diaphragm plunger and the outer circumference too small to sit under the washer cup - see pics . the supplied washer looked like it was for the main bolt to secure the cap at the top see item 2 on the pic . Whats does this oil seal washer do ? Is it important to replace and does anybody know where I can purchase Thanks in advance Paul
  10. Hi there, new member and new to restoration Having refurbished the fuel pump on a herald 1200 1965 I have reinstalled it but after the car initially starting and running, the pump stopped delivering fuel. Is it easy to not get the pump armature aligned with the cam? I will jump on it again tomorrow but I wondered if this should be a relatively simple task or if it requires some tinkering to get it right.Any little tips most welcome. Many thanks,Gary
  11. Hi all. I am in the process of restoring a Triumph Herald 13/60 and have come to a halt at the fuel pump... The original fuel pump wouldn't pump.. Instead of replacing the valves and diaphragm, we purchased a new fuel pump that is supposed to fit a herald 13/60... However, the arm on the new pump is too long, I've heard that a spacer would solve this issue, and I am inclined to believe that... The issue I'm now having, is that the studs which secure the fuel pump to the block, are too short. My question I, whether a spacer would solve this, or if the arm is actually the wrong shape, therefore a spacer wouldn't help ? Thanks. Will.
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