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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, Having recently had a 1966 Mk2 Spitfire fully restored I've been able to take it for a test drive. One thing I've noticed is that the gear lever is very "sloppy" all the gears are there and work fine but it's a case of "well the gear is there somewhere" ! ? Any ideas what the problem could be or what we have done wrong? Any advice most welcome. Cheers, Kevin
  2. You may have read my post about holiday disaster. I've now got the car running. But the 1st time I tried to select reverse the lever just swings round to the right as though there is no reverse gate . If I'm carefull I can find the reverse gate but the gears grind a little before engaging. I think the breakdown people must have forced something trying to find reverse . Any ideas of what I need to look for ? Is there a stop that could've been broken , or linkage problem? This is single rail , I really have had enough of this experience.
  3. Hello, i have seized oil drain plugs on the engine and diff and the oil fill plug on the gearbox. The car is a 1971 1300 Spitfire that hasn’t run for 22 years. It is now running and I want to change the diff and gearbox oil. The engine has been solved by a vacuum pump through the dip stick tube but I am stuck with the diff and gearbox. I have been using a 7/16” spanner and a hammer along with plus gas but no effect so far. I have also tried a bit of heat from a blow torch. I have been looking for 8 point sockets but cannot find the right size in the uk. Can anyone advise how best to loosen the plug. Does anyone have experience with one of the universal sockets? thanks, Jeff.
  4. I'd appreciate latest thinking and advice / recommendations for oil for the differential (also gearbox / overdrive). Many thanks -
  5. Need help, Spitfire mkIV the speed was playing up, reading below the speed and distance it should, the engine has been changed to a 1500, but still has the original gearbox (I think). I’ve had the car resprayed, but somehow they seem to have blown all the gauges and radio. I had brought some second hand gauges so replaced them easily. The originals were jaegar which I’m planning to get refurbished, the speedo is now seized. So the new gauges are smiths, when I connect the speedo I get no reading at all, I checked everything was ok at the speedo end, which it was, I managed to get the gearbox end off ok but the thread is stripped on the gearbox so I don’t think it was engaging properly. Is this easy to change on the car with the gear box tunnel removed? And is it ok to drive the car with nothing plugged into the gearbox? (I have a gps speedo). Thanks
  6. Hi there, Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this request but, does anyone have an aluminium bell housing for a Herald 'box that they'd like to get rid of? If not, can anyone advise which other Triumph models might've had a compatible one fitted? Many thanks in advance, Barry
  7. So my car jumps out of 4th gear every now and then and was wondering if anyone had any ideas what may cause this? It only ever happens in 4th and not every time but I'm planning on pulling the transmission tunnel soon anyways to see if I can get my overdrive to work and also check my reverselight switch so I will be having a look to see if there is anything obvious that's causing it to jump out but any suggestions of what to check would be much appreciated thanks
  8. I currently have severe oil leaks from the gearbox (speedo cable entry) and differential (near side drive shaft seal) plus the added irritation of a sticking clutch. Apart from the leaks, the gearbox, overdrive and differential are quiet and appear to be in good mechanical order. I also need to lower the rear as I am told the car has been incorrectly fitted with a Vitesse rear spring. I am looking for recommendations as to who could carry out this work quickly and effectively in the vicinity of North Herts. Has anyone had any experience of Robsport International at Shepreth/Melbourn ?
  9. Hi there, iam searching an a-type overdrive for my lovely TR6 (69), she has an CD 3221 signed Gearbox. mounted is the adapterplate on, thats it, i need badly one,in functional working order, complete for overhauling. maybe somebody of you has one in stock or in the garage or cellar? i dont have an exchange one by the way, iam comming form the black-forrest south germany and iam an triumph enthusiast, have my tr6 since 1983, she is RHD and her colour is brg! please let me know, via pm ... thank you tom any help is appreciated ttc (tom)
  10. I need a 6.5 inch diameter, 20 spline clutch plate for my spitfire. everywhere does 10 spline 6.5" or 20 spline 7 1/4 but not the 20 spline 6.5 any suggestions please??? many thanks
  11. Hi, have just bought a second hand o/d gearbox for my vitesse, and the box is actually a dolomite one with "WE" code, and its got a J Type overdrive. Question is, the input shaft has 10 splines, with about 1 3/4" tip after the splines - is that going to go straight into the vitesse engine / clutch? I haven't yet removed the old gearbox to do a comparison, and was hoping to find out before I start pulling the car to pieces! Any other issues with putting a J type into a Vitesse (old one I assume has D type), regarding mounting, or speedo drive?
  12. Yesterday, bewteen two drives, it was suddenly difficult to engage 2nd & 4th. It's like there is not enough movement left in the lever to push it the last bit to engage. The GB extension bush kit has only done 20k miles. The GB itself might have done 130k. Where would you start to look for the cause. Could it be that the selector fork has been sliding on the rail for a while and now has reach a point where it no longer work properly? Or is the selector fork worned out? Regards Flemming
  13. Dear TSSC members, I'm new to the club, and new to forums for that matter, so interested to see how this works. I bought a lovely 1973 GT6 MK3 in the summer. Previous owner lavished much love and attention to restoring the body work, but other factors meant he needed to sell before getting stuck into the inner workings. I've had a great couple of months using it, but I think time has come for improvements. Whilst it makes a lovely noise, depressing the accelerator produces more noise, but no discernible performance! Max speed is 80mph at 5000RPM. Interestingly, a rolling road test at CCK Historic in Sussex recorded good oil pressure and good compression, but only 61BHP at back wheels. Another factor is engine temperature gauge is off the scale (hot side) within 3 minutes of driving normally, but a laser heat recorder fired at different parts of the engine indicate its actually running at correct temperature. I have changed the temperature sender unit, but same result. Anyway, I am getting off subject here. The overdrive has recently failed, and speaking to people 'in-the-know' it sounds as if the Conical clutch is worn out. Symptons are strange rev fluctuations in gears 2-4 (regardless of position of switch, which is now always 'out'), and the car now won't reverse. That was a bit awkward in the Waitrose car park when it first happened! I have therefore taken the decision to have all three items reconditioned at the same time over the coming few months. Not only that, but I want my engine improved to the best available road-going performance (this one isn't for racing). I have chatted with a few 'suppliers' including CCK in Sussex, Southern Triumph in Bournemouth, Jigsaw Racing in Corby, Slark Race Engineering in Amesbury and the TSSC themselves. The general consensus is that Gearbox and O/D is a fairly simple overhaul, with no special options. Engine however can have various bells and whistles, all at cost. It seems a 'stage 2' overhaul with the stromburgs to be replaced with SU (from Dolomite, or machined to fit), would create the best outcome at sensible cost (a relative term, but I imagine this will all cost a bit North of £5-6K?). I note talk of Weber Carbs, but they are apparently excessive for these cars. I Also note talk of putting a TR6 engine in the GT6 (and now would be the time, if ever), but no significant advantages over getting my own 2.0 litre engine running well. I am leaning towards Jigsaw for all this, but all suppliers are knowledgeable, and seem to offer a slightly different angle and opinion on the subject. The purpose of this lengthy post, is to see if anyone else has jumped through these hoops, in particular with Jigsaw, and have any thoughts! Thank you.
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