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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone know which headlining support stick goes where, ie: front, mid, rear. Mine are colour coded green, white and red. Also, I’ve repaired the roof front section and in doing so, I didn’t refit the hook pieces that play a part in the fitting of the lining. Have I dropped a (young bull) in doing so and need to fit them. I still have one complete with it’s knackered end that used to be attached to the car. I’ll remake them in stainless and bond them to the roof. I’ll need positions though so, can anyone send me a marked-up picture or a drawing? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Can anyone advise on the subject of GT6 headlining? I rebuilding a GT6 Mk3 but since I didn't take it apart myself I don't know how certain things go together. My particular conundrum is this: I've trial fitted the the rear quarter millboards, exterior vents, and plastic ducts: But the inner face of the ducts sits proud of the millboards. Which looks to me like once the headlining is fitted the stainless steel finishers for the ducts would 'float' out of contact with the headlining. So any advice on the details of how this area goes together would be much appreciated. Should the faces of the plastic ducts be flush with the millboards? Or proud of them? Is the headlining glued to the face of the millboard? Or glued just on the top and bottom edges and tensioned to give the right appearance? Or should there be a layer of scrim over the millboard? Or any other possibility. Any advice? Regards Chris Herts
  3. Hi everyone, Started to place my headlining into my gt6 last night and was just wondering the best way to do a good job. I was wondering if I should get a professional to do it, we know someone so wouldnt be too bad. Has anyone else attempted at putting in a headlining? Would love to know how you aproached it and the outcome. Thanks! Jim.
  4. Hi everyone, I was just curious as to what type of fixings secure the rear hardboard to the body? Any information regarding the type of fixings and what they are called so I can purchase them would be great. Found an image online below. Thanks! Jim.
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