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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Today my insurance renewal dropped on the mat. My car is a 1968 Herald 1360 convertible and it is a standard car (nothing clever like different engine etc) I am currently with Foootman James and my renewal quote is £206.18. It includes recovery and agreed insurance value of £5k on unlimited miles (which I really don’t need) Can anyone recommend another company who could possibly beat this quote or am I doing okay with this quote from Footman James? many thanks M
  2. Evening All, i couldn’t find this mentioned elsewhere..... I know Club agreed valuations used to be valid for two years, is that still the case? In the past i’v had a reminder from PJ that it needed renewing, but not this time - I seem to have a distant memory that they were lengthened, can anyone confirm, or perhaps I am dreaming? I’ll ring tomorrow to double-check. cheers..... Andy
  3. Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old student looking to buy either a GT6 or a Spitfire, probably a spitfire (just because of the insurance on a 1.3/1.5 compared to the 2L). I was wondering if anyone here had any experience in the mentioned insurance discount for 18-25 year old members as that’s currently my main barrier to my realistic dream car. Any and all help much appreciated. -Toby
  4. Hi there, I'm a newly passed driver (<3 months ago), and am looking at purchasing a first car. I have been saving up for a while, so am looking to spend about £2500 to £3000 on the car (a lovely little Herald 1200) and a bit £extra for insurance. Searching through forums I have found many stories from 2008 to 2013 of dirt cheap classic policies for new drivers, but recently this appears to have gone dry. I am very interested in an old car for the experience, not money saving - but as a student money is a big factor (luckily my dad can help with repairs). I have got a few quotes for £2000+ from Peter James and Adrian Flux, with some companies like Admiral not offering me a quote at all. Just wondered if there was anything I was missing other than being part of a car club / possibly adding my Dad with his 20+ years NCB and history of classic cars. I really appreciate any help you can give
  5. My youngest is looking to learn to drive next year and have been chatting about cars. One option I’ve thought of is something like a herald and wondered what the current thought is regarding the viability of that as well as costs.
  6. I'm planning to take my Spitfire to France next summer and am worried about it breaking down. I know that some classic car insurance policies include European breakdown insurance - To the limit of roadside assistance and towing to a nearby garage for repair. I am trying to find something better where the policy will include repatriation of the car if there is a bigger mechanical failure. Can anyone recommend a provider please. Thanks, David.
  7. It's a MKIV with 1493cc engine. She has a modern car (smaller engine, nearly twice the weight but considerably faster than the Spitfire ) and is the policy-holder on that. Just been quoted £1500 by Peter James, which rather rules it out. i was expecting as much, after the changes a few years back when they stopped insuring anyone under 25. Has anyone found this cheaper? Have any of our younger members found a good broker or underwriter for this type of risk? She'd like to to do a few local journeys in the Spit over the summer and I'm keen to encourage the interest, but clearly not being insured will be something of a disincentive! Thanks, Andy
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