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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, Help, Looking for some ideas as what might be wrong. So whilst driving my 1977 1500 spitfire, the other day on the motorway (bloody stupid idea, 1500 spitfire made before most of them where built or even thought of) my over drive decided it no longer wanted to play, and had a sulk. It just switch to direct drive with no noise or vibration, and would not re engage, no matter how many times I flicked the switch. So so far I have checked the oil level, all good, checked the electrical circuit (put it in third and checked that the solenoid was making a clicking noise) all good. What now ????
  2. Hi all I wonder if any one can help with this one. I have a mk2 GT6 that has been converted to overdrive (not by me). I have noticed that recently, when the car is cold it behaves oddly in that it seems to be going into and out of overdrive. Although, it may be more like a clutch slipping - the revs rise but the speed does not - or rather does not straight away - if you apply power it seems to take up drive. Once warm, it behaves normally - in and out of overdrive with no undue delay and no issue of revs rising or falling. There is some vibration at higher speeds (70 plus) which I think is the prop - the UJs were changed and I think it needs balancing. I don't think its electrical as all the wiring/switches were new (done by me) and checked and all seem to be working fine. I know there are a couple of clutches in an overdrive and confess I don't fully understand how they work! Oil levels checked and ok. Its not long been back on the road (it was a part restoration that I finished) Thanks in advance for any contributions. Bob
  3. hi I've got a 1965 Vitesse 6 and the overdrive works fine but I broke the cable as the switch came off the gearstick. This is easy enough to fix but should the cable run inside the gearstick as it was run down the outside and visible when I bough it. Is it just a case of taking the cowelling off and feeding it up through the gearstick (I know it would be a shallow channel) but is there a hole at the bottom of the gearstick to feed it up? many thanks
  4. Not impressed with the connectors on the looms available from the usual so I made my own. Aforementioned connectors offered next to no retention. I made my own loom using Japanese bullet connectors which fitted perfectly into the round recesses of the switch and, using a blade to open the connector a few thou to aid push-on, the retention on the switch is perfect too. I bent the ends a tad which helps to guide the wires u/neath the switch and into the lever. The whole lot runs through 1/4” pvc sleeving which goes through the lever and does a splendid job of protecting the wires.
  5. Okay so my car is a 1972 gt6 mk3 with overdrive and Rotoflex rear and recently I've noticed a lot of play in the Gearstick and when leaving for work today it's lost the spring for selecting reverse which makes it awkward for selecting 1st as I have to lift the stick to avoid selecting reverse. Now I've had bother with jumping out of 4th gear occasionally and it seems to have been getting slowly more frequent and the other day jumped out of 2nd a couple of times too. So my question is has anyone got any ideas of what may be broken / caused this? I might pull the tunnel in the morning when I get home or may just make do this week and tackle it this weekend depending on how I feel in the morning
  6. Hi all, Quick introduction, I'm Russell Banyard long-term TSSC member (28 years), current writer of the Suffolk Area monthly reports and this is my first topic creation on the TSSC board. My current project is a MK3 GT6 that I've just returned to the road after 18months of gradual progress. The previous owner said the overdrive was sticking in and sure enough he was correct. Unfortunately it's not an electrical problem, that all seems to be working well. It's defininately mechanical, as once stuck it can only be freed by a sharp tap on the overdrive casing with a hide mallet. Driving it about on Saturday with the tunnel off and repeated overdrive 'in/out/tap when stuck', seems to have improved matters. But when the overdrive has been in for longer than a minute or so, it won't release. So my question is this, can you remove the D-Type overdrive from a GT6 without taking the gearbox out of the car? Having pulled my spare gearbox apart this evening on the bench, it looks like there might be enough room with the prop out of the way, but before I start, am I on a hiding to nothing? Also, is there anything else I can try before pulling the box. I've checked the actuating lever, cleaned the filter and put new EP80/90 in the box. Any help appreciated, thanks, Russell.
  7. Okay so after adjusting the brass arm for the overdrive to take out the slack I can now manually activate my overdrive with the back wheels in the air idling in 4th gear by pulling on the arm but my solenoid will not pull it but will hold it if switched on and pulled over manually if you understand what I mean? Is this a faulty solenoid? Would a new solenoid have the strength to pull the arm on its own? Or are there other issues at play here?
  8. Can I successfully test the overdrive with the prop-shaft disconnected? Will I see an increase in mph on the speedometer?
  9. Anyone know the torque for the d type overdrive filter cover fasteners?
  10. Overdrive is cutting out - Gearboxes & Overdrives are alien to me at present . Initially Overdrive worked ( pretty sure its a D Type ) . A buddy installed a warning light so when the OD was switched ( column stalk) a light came on. Currently with ignition on ( engine not started ) and selecting 3 or 4 gear , there is an audible click ( solenoid ? ) and the warning light goes on . Sometimes using OD it works then as time goes on - 10 mins or so there is a clicking sound ( several clicks + OD light flickering - Solenoid ??? ) and OD cuts out and wont work again for the journey - Next day the OD light (+ clicking) will come on with ignition on when selecting 3 or 4 gears. Both OD & Gearbox have been professionally rebuilt ( new wiring as previously there was no OD) by the late Clive Manvers . The original prop shaft was shortened and balanced . Ive checked the gearbox oil level ( EP90 ) and its fine - I did read it could be a pressure build up though dont understand enough yet to tinker. Im hoping its something simple Thanks in advance Paul
  11. Hello I am very new to all of this and have recently bought a 1969 Mk2 Vitesse. It doesn't have overdrive. It goes really well but as you would expect reaches around 4500 revs at 70mph not that I intend to scream around in it. I am planning a European trip next year and would value opinions on whether fitting a new gear box with overdrive would be worth it. I don't think it is a job I could do myself. How much should this sort of thing cost and what are the various options? Thanks Mike
  12. Hi all, I need to replace the solenoid for my D Type overdrive - it is only intermittently switching from pull current to holding current, so around 50% of the time it's quietly frying itself. Having removed the tunnel and rubber boot from the back of the solenoid, the plastic switch section has parted company from the metal tube and rotates freely, which is probably why the switch is only working part time - I'm actually surprised it's working at all. Anyway, all the usual suppliers (Canleys, Paddocks, Rimmers) stock an unbranded solenoid looking much like the one I have that's come apart for around £35. Overdrive Repairs have a similar looking unit listed for £40 and Moss want £57 for the same item. eBay has a few unbranded and modern Lucas in the £30 ball park, but also a new old stock Lucas solenoid that looks more like the one I had on a previous overdrive unit. So, do I go for for brand new made in wherever, or a NOS Lucas? Many thanks, Gully
  13. Following a transmission overhaul to resolve leaks from the differential and the gearbox speedo drive and top plate, I found that my previously perfectly functioning overdrive failed to operate. Now a week or two and a hundred miles later the overdrive has suddenly decided to work again. Could the gearbox oil change we did at the same time have been the cause ? The oil was bought from the club shop.
  14. Hello! Newbie alert. Very proud owner of 1978 Spitfire, one lady owner from new..(seriously!) HOWEVER... drove home from seller (yes I will be asking them of course, but I thought I would page the oracle first in order to perhaps enrich my vocabulary when I do go back to the owner) and flicked the overdrive switch doing about 50-60 down the M23. Sounded a little like the first few milliseconds of a food processor when you're whizzing the soup for lunch... know what I mean? Suffice to say I quickly flicked it back and the noise stopped. Also, the noise has kicked off a handful of times on it's own since that first time, alleviated by swiftly depressing the clutch and continuing happily after re-engaging. Gearbox was reconditioned a few hundred miles ago, although that was around 12 months ago. Don't know if that included an overdrive overhaul as part of the work. I've not checked the oil level yet. Any insights before I ask difficult questions of the previous owner? Thanks! Conrad.
  15. Hi there, iam searching an a-type overdrive for my lovely TR6 (69), she has an CD 3221 signed Gearbox. mounted is the adapterplate on, thats it, i need badly one,in functional working order, complete for overhauling. maybe somebody of you has one in stock or in the garage or cellar? i dont have an exchange one by the way, iam comming form the black-forrest south germany and iam an triumph enthusiast, have my tr6 since 1983, she is RHD and her colour is brg! please let me know, via pm ... thank you tom any help is appreciated ttc (tom)
  16. Sorry guys I think I'm in the wrong place for this ! But I need help back in January I was emailing Tim L Walker , who makes relays for our cars, I'm trying to get in contact with him I need a relay for my overdrive, he is not responding to my emails, so I don't know if he has a new email address or has just fallen off the face of the earth, So if anybody knows of Tim please ask him to email me george.goddard@icloud.com
  17. Hi, anyone know the original position (photo would be amazing) of the overdrive relay on a Mk1 Gt6? just converted mine and was wondering where the relay might live. Thanks Hag
  18. Hi, have just bought a second hand o/d gearbox for my vitesse, and the box is actually a dolomite one with "WE" code, and its got a J Type overdrive. Question is, the input shaft has 10 splines, with about 1 3/4" tip after the splines - is that going to go straight into the vitesse engine / clutch? I haven't yet removed the old gearbox to do a comparison, and was hoping to find out before I start pulling the car to pieces! Any other issues with putting a J type into a Vitesse (old one I assume has D type), regarding mounting, or speedo drive?
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