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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone. In response to the tremendous amount of help that I have received from the forum members over the past few weeks, I have decided to open a new thread to keep all my woes together. I hope that some of my problems will help other members as I try to put my Spitfire back on the road after being mothballed for over 20 years. The topics already covers elsewhere are faulty tail/brake lights, ceased clutch, refurbishment of the horns, strange symbols in wiring diagrams, carburetor cleaning and setting, and other stuff which I will edit in as it comes back to mind. I have also converted my original pump windscreen washer unit to electric and will post details of this is due course for anyone interested. My thanks go to (in no particular order) dougbgt6, pete lewis, casper, colin lindsay, bordfunker and everyone else who has contributed to my woes and offered so much help. Some items covered in this thread which may be of interest to others - Page numbers may change slightly as this index gets longer - Page numbers will be added as I find them along with other items. Adhesive Bonding - Pages 35-41 Blade Fuse Box - Page 32 Bonnet Refurbishment - Page 41 onwards Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder Piston - Page 45 Clutch/Brake Master Cylinder Piston - Page 45 Differential Front Oil Seal - Page 2 Door Badly Fitting - Page 22 'Dustless' Sanding Device -- Page 42 Exhaust Supply & Fitting - Page 1 Fuel Pipe Gates Barricade - Page 49 Gear Stick Refurb - Page 52 Gearbox Tunnel Cover - Page 56 Gutter, windscreen - Page 21 Hard Top Reconstruction - Page 42, 49 Heater Control Illumination - Page 39 Heater and plumbing - Page 9 Leaf Spring Garage Fitting Disaster - 24, 28 Pets - Page 43 Petrol Cap Locking - Page 7 Plumbing and Heating - Page 9 Radio (cheap oriental) - Page 37+ 39 plus others Seatbelt Stowage - Page 57 Sparkrite SX4000 (Electronic Ignition) - Page 32 Water Pump (Spitfire/Herald) - Page 1 Windscreen gutter - Page 21 Trunnions, Front, Cleaning Out - Page 1
  2. I thought it might be an idea to list any fleabay dealers who have been reported to sell decent parts or give good service etc or who are known to us, but have an id which is not generally obvious. Please add any that you come across and I will edit them into the first post. I will start off by pinching the info from previous posts (this is for info only an not a recommendation)... Dealer.. Robsports ID.. numpty9 (thanks KevinR) for spares Dealer.. MEV Spares ID.. jumblemaster (thanks Colin Lindsay) for spares Dealer.. Classic Parts Trader ID.. ifs_13 (thanks Colin Lindsay) for spares Dealer.. Chic Doig ID..948s (thanks DanMi) for spares Dealer.. Spalding Fasteners. ID.. spalding_fasteners (badwolf) for Imperial bolts etc Dealer..Richard Symonds. ID.. Classic25351 (thanks Richard) Misc spares
  3. Can anyone recommend a supplier for quality parts? Discovered some dodgy wheel bearings have disintegrated after only a year on the off side rear of my Spitfire. Also looking at replacing my Moto-Lita leather steering wheel (13"/flat/holes) with a 14" wooden dished example. If I sell the Moto-Lita on eBay it looks like I'll make the amount needed to buy a new unbranded wooden steering wheel like this: http://tinyurl.com/pbahzrz Does anyone have any experience on the quality of these unbranded steering wheels? And is there anywhere better to buy/sell than eBay? Ben
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