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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Can someone please advise if the Bosch filter shown in the attached image can be serviced and if so give me some pointers on how to go about it/parts required etc.? Also, the fibre covered hose in the image is from the pump to the pressure relief valve and has, what I think is, a “banjo” connector on it. It’s the only hose I’ve not replaced in my quest to eliminate the smell of fuel in the boot. If anyone can give any advice on replacing this - is it a complete part? Can I replace just the hose? Is it a simple strip down and remake? etc. - I really will be grateful. Before some folk start shouting at me the image is one taken before I replaced hoses and fitted clips (and renewed the seam sealer, resprayed the boot interior, put grommets in etc.).The piece of carpet is to deaden the sound of the bolts holding the support brackets occasionally tapping on the side panel when the support plate vibrates. As ever, Thanks.
  2. Hi, Can someone please advise me as what is the purpose of the round access(?) point is in the boot floor of my TR6? Uncovered it when removing seam sealer while prepping the boot for a re-spray. It’s riveted in place, is this correct? Thanks
  3. The UJ assemblies on the inner final drive have grease nipple fittings. However, getting to them is a challenge. The conical covers make inserting the nozzle of a grease gun a challenge. To overcome this I cut a flap in the covers making access easy and stitched it up when finished using thin cable ties. Cover effectiveness is maintained and future servicing made easier. But, on the near side, I couldn’t attach the gun because the nozzle was too big to insert onto the nipple, being baulked by the UJs. Looking at it the nipple doesn’t appear to protrude far enough but does look as though it has been used previously, but how? Are there smaller profile nozzles or am I missing something? As ever, all help and guidance appreciated.
  4. Hi, I found yesterday that the gaiters on my steering rack are shot and will need to replaced. This is a one job I’ve never done and before I decide how best to proceed (e.g. should I do it myself or take it to a professional etc.) I thought I’d ask the mighty collective of all things Triumph for any advice and guidance they may be prepared to offer. One simple kick-off question I have is, should racks be repaired these days of just replaced with new? As ever, thanks in advance. Paul
  5. Recent auction at Barons. TR6 , write up looks good , looks very good value https://www.barons-auctions.com/view-lot/3263/for-sale-at-barons-auctions-1973-triumph-tr6?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sharpspring&sslid=M7Uwt7A0MzewMLC0BAA&sseid=M7Q0sTA0NLY0MgYA&jobid=616fc9d8-c4a6-4f7a-8a3f-912b7fd637af Paul
  6. Hi, I've recently been lucky enough to purchase a TR6 manufactured in 1972. I also own a GT6 Mk3 manufactured in 1970 right at the start of the production run (No.16) which I'm restoring. The GT6 has a hazard flasher switch. The TR6 does not. I have the Driver's handbook for the TR ,which I believe is the original, which contains narrative and pics that say/show clearly my RHS vehicle does not have hazards but that the LHS version does. Also, the TR has a headlight flash/dip switch in the footwell although the handbook makes no mention of this but does say this function is achieved from the column lighting stalk which in my case provides the three functions - on/off, side and headlights. The handbook says the light's on/off function is provided by a rocker switch on the dash to the RHS of the steeringwheel, below which should be the small square version of the combined wiper/washer control I've seen on other Triumphs. On mine both switches are the vertical oblong type, the upper switch is the wiper control, the lower the washer. The corresponding wiring diagram does show a hazard switch/unit. In the handbook the sketch diagram of the dashboard (as opposed to the pics of the instruments and switches etc) is exactly the same as my installed dash. It seems strange that a safety function such has hazard warning lights would not be installed on a 1972 build vehicle. As I'm right at the start of my TR journey if anyone has ideas, thoughts or even the actual answer to these anomalies I'd appreciate hearing them - I just hate not understanding/knowing! Many thanks, Paul
  7. My TR6 on it's way back from US. May need new clutch on arrival. Any suggestions for good mechanic in any of the above areas ?
  8. delboy37


    Hi guys just found the site , could anyone let me know which Halfords spin on oil filter fits the TR6 , Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am replacing the old starter on my 1972 TR6 with a hi torque Powerlite unit obtained from the club. On removing the old starter there was no spacer. Is that usual? The Powerlite unit has the fixed top bolt and when placing it in position the unthreaded part of the bolt is showing as protruding slightly on the gearbox side. Does this indicate that there should be a spacer between the starter and car or should I just put some thick washer(s) over the bolt on the exit side to cover the unthreaded part? Thanks John
  10. Carpetman


    From the album: Cars

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