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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all Me again ..... well I have started over again stripped the body off and started to sort out a leak from the diff. however I have a question. some time ago I bought a set of polybushes for the coupe (black ones) I have done the front with no problems. But at the rear the front diff mounting bushes seen to be very big compared to the rubber ones that I have just taken off. I know that the rubber ones will squash down somewhat when done up and over time with uses, but they were new Stanpart units when I put them in some 20 odd years ago and the car was never finished so had never driven. And there was no slaking on the fittings to indicate wear. If I put the new polybushes in as they are, would that not push the angel of the prop down (or up?) as the diff pivots on the rear mountings. So my question is should I take a bit off the new polybushes or not. And if so how much my thinking is if the rubber ones are made the squash down to give the tension, then that’s ok for the rubber ones , but I can not see that the polybush ones will squash down to give the same tension ant the same depth, if you see what I me. Any help would be very mush appreciated. when needs must and a swing is all you have!
  2. I have recently bought a herald 13/60 convertible and have had trouble getting a V5 for it. Can anyone help many thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I have a question regarding the wiring on my 1972 Triumph GT6 MK3, and was wondering if anyone could help clear it up. I had a auto electrician come over a few days ago to help with the wiring who has worked on a GT6 before and couldn't get his head round the wiring set up which links the flamethrower oil to the distributor cap. I have included pictures of my current set up below. The engine turns over but doesn't run, this is due to there being no sparks on the spark plugs which tells me something isn't set up properly on the coil?? I may be wrong but if anyone can give me some advance on the wiring set up or send me pictures of their set up I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Jim.
  4. Hi guys, I trying to fit my harnesses for my Triumph GT6 MK3. I have a 4 point sparco harness for the passenger seat and a 6 point harness for the drivers side. I am not looking to race my car but might do the odd track day or hill climb, I installed them more the safety on the roads. I am not sure what is the best and safest way to install the harnesses, should I drill holes into the floor panel and put the screw fixing through the holes? And can I install the shoulder straps at the back of the floor panel? I know a lot of people use harness bars behind the seats but I want to use the rear accessory optional passenger seats in the back. I have included pictures. Any advice to installing them I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jim.
  5. Hi guys, As I am coming close to completion of my Triumph Gt6 Mk3 restoration I am finding that most of my time is spent fiddling with electrics and head scratching. I have 2 relays (I think that's what they are called?) and I don't know where they go? I have one attached to the bulk head of the car already. If anyone can advice me where these two go and what they are used for I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Jim.
  6. Hi everyone, Just a quick question regarding the Triumph GT6 MK3 mounted switch brackets with the transfer stickers on, for the indicator and lights. I had to replace my old ones as they were completely worn away, I bought some new ones and attached them but I'm unsure if they are correct as I looked in one of the books on GT6 MK3's and it was displayed as being the opposite way round...? Just a bit confused about with way round they go? I have attached pictures of how they are at the moment. If anyone can reassure me of the correct position that would be great and if anyone can supply me with picture that would be brilliant. I'm actually also not sure which switch is the indicator and which is the lights Regards, Jim.
  7. Hi I'm in desperate need of some assistant with fitting my Triumph GT6 MK3 bonnet it isn't fitting my Gt6 MK3 and need to do some measurements of an original triumph GT6 MK3 chassis and bonnet. If anyone could let me do this I would really appreciate it a lot. I live in Oxford anyone around Oxfordshire with a GT6 MK3 that I could have a look at? Kind regards, Jim.
  8. Hi all, After having a look at my brake pipes the other day I noticed that they should have some kind of fixing on them to the chassis as they would shear off otherwise due to vibration from the engine. As it stands it would fail its MOT. I would love to know what kind of fixing they require? where they attach to and where to get the fixing? I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this. I have attached a photo below. Also if anyone knows where to get one of these pipe fixing clamps which attaches to the bulkhead (2nd picture) I would really appreciate it also. Cheers, Jim.
  9. Hi guys, Just had a quick question about my side lights/front valance lights. I ordered a new pair as my old ones were rusted through. And I noticed on my old pair they had a black wire attached to them and the new ones that arrived didn't (see pictures below) What does the black wire do? I'm sure this is very simple but I'm new to electrics Thanks! Regards, Jim.
  10. Hi All, I'm restoring a Triumph GT6 mk3 and I came across these -(see pictures below) and I don't know what they are used for and where they are positioned in the car? If anyone can clarify this that would be great.
  11. Hi all, While assembling my dashboard for my Triumph GT6 MK3 I discovered that I have the wrong length metal fixing for the RPM Gauge that fixes it in place onto my wooden dashboard, after looking online I cant seem to find them available to purchase, does anyone know the specific name of them or are they just called Gauge fixings?? Please see pictures below. Hope someone can help. Kind regards, Jim.
  12. Hi All, I am restoring a Triumph GT6 MK3 and I am struggling a little with electrics, one problem I have is that of a yellow electrical device just below the petrol filler cap (I have attached pictures of it below). I wanted to know what his is? What it is used for? And mainly the locations of the wires? If someone could provide a picture of the wires attached to the device that would be perfect. Thanks! Jim.
  13. Hi guys, I have been trying to figure out the heater unit pipes (that go to the fans in dash etc) locations for a couple days now and can't seem to figure them out and in which order?? I have attached pictures of both set of pipes and all I want to know is which one goes on which side? And also there is a mounting on one of them where does that mount to? Glovebox mounting? Please see pictures below. If anyone can give me some guidance or even better photos of their layout I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, Jim.
  14. Hi, I recently purchased a sparco 6 point race harness for my 1972 Triumph GT6 MK3, and am not ready just yet to install it as I'm doing a restoration and want to drill to holes for the harness before it lay the carpet etc. I was just curious about the mountings and where you guys mounted your race harness' where exactly on the body panels? Any advice or pictures would be great. I would also love a picture of the crotch belt fitting holes in the floor panel, I have 2 crotch belts. Regards, Jim.
  15. Hi, I am thinking about underfelting and carpeting my Triumph GT6 MK3 and I wasn't sure what the purpose of 3 holes were in the body panels situated just behind the front seats. I have attached pictures below of the holes - I have placed rubber grommets on them for now as I had no idea what they are there for? Can anyone enlighten me? I want to know what purpose they have before I start to place the under felt on top of them.. Should I remove rubber grommets? Thanks! Jim.
  16. Hi, I'm fitting my petrol tank in my Triumph GT6 MK3 that I am restoring and I cant seem to work out two of the fixings that hold the petrol tank in place. I have attached pictures below. I also wanted to know if the bracket above the petrol tank for the wooden cover (see pics) bolts straight onto the placement on the body or is there meant to be something before. Thanks, Jim.
  17. Hi, I am placing my dashboard in my Triumph GT6 MK3, and I am struggling to see what type of screws, bolts and plates etc to use for the dashboard. I have attached a picture. Hope anyone can help. Thanks, Jim.
  18. Regrettably a little whiffy, shabby and suffering from exposure to damp conditions, with the most notable damage effecting the outer sleeve and brown spotting at both stapled binding points. Still.. thought I'd share my great little find
  19. recently it was brought to my attention that you are more likely to see a DMC Deloreon in a supermarket car park than a toledo. so with this and the fact i was the only toledo at Triumphfest last year, 2014. I'm trying to get a gathering of toledo's to attend the event. for those on Facebook go give the page a like https://www.facebook.com/toledosattriumphfest/timeline for those not, feel free to drop me an email at kirk.toledo@hotmail.co.uk thanks =]
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