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  1. This popped up on another forum I frequent. http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/threads/barnet-london-anyone-know-truimp-jha303e-vitese-help-save-it.77727/ Does anyone know if this is a club car? God only knows what will happen to it if it gets towed. Karl
  2. HI everyone, as recommended, I'am fitting some relays to my headlight circuits, now its a vitesse with twin headlights, do I need to fit 3 no relays? I have bought 30amp fused relays and have assumed they will all need a separate live battery feed (i.e x3) and also assume they can share a earth? Obviously the way I see it (I don't do electrics very well) there are only two sets of direct feeds for the headlights in the loom, Blue/White & Blue/Red, in the existing loom the blue/white & earths are 'Piggy Backed' across the headlights (main beam, both headlights on) and the Blue/Red is on its own (assuming dipped headlight) but all sharing the same earth(black). It might just be simpler to ask if anyone has a wiring diagram with relays for twin headlights? and also if anyone has fitted the relays on the vertical bit of bonnet between wheel arch & bonnet top, where the horn is mounted, with success? Thanks Hag
  3. A Picture is hard to take, and a bit hard to explain..Never-the-less.. Getting ready to start the Vitesse for the first time in 22 years and noticed when the engine was turned over by hand that number 4 push-rod would repeatedly 'fall out' from under the rocker ball. And that was with all the valve clearances set. I removed rocker gear as I assumed something might have fallen down the follower and was pushing the rod to one side, nothing there, and then noticed as I screwed the gear back down that the push rod pulled the rocker and shaft spring away from the pedestal by about 3/4 ml and the push rod was hard up against the 'chamber' side, Took the rocker gear off again and found that particular push rod was bright and shiny all around at that point and worn to a slight taper! The cause is that chamber has a large dag of casting metal near the top that hasn't been ground off the side! The intriguing thing is that, as it is the original engine, then it must have been like that for the last 49 years. A few minutes with a die grinder should fix it. Has this been seen before? Cheers Chris, Tasmania
  4. Hi guy's question I need a Triumph Vitesse I have just purchased transported from Guilford to Dumfries and Galloway does anybody know of a transport company that gives special rates for transporting our club members cars Cheers Guy's Peter
  5. hi I've got a 1965 Vitesse 6 and the overdrive works fine but I broke the cable as the switch came off the gearstick. This is easy enough to fix but should the cable run inside the gearstick as it was run down the outside and visible when I bough it. Is it just a case of taking the cowelling off and feeding it up through the gearstick (I know it would be a shallow channel) but is there a hole at the bottom of the gearstick to feed it up? many thanks
  6. Hi all, I've recently fitted the club hazard light kit to my Vitesse. All was working well. I've now swapped over to LED indicator bulbs and replaced the flasher relay with an LED compatible one as well as replacing the flasher relay in the hazard kit. Whilst the indicators work well, when I pull out the hazard switch the inline fuse (to the hazard switch) blows. Do I need to replace the small bulb in the hazard switch do you think? or fit a resistor somewhere to reduce current? Many thanks all
  7. Hello. What are the options for steering column joints for the small chassis Triumphs. I was given a brand new gold coloured one for my Vitesse but it just to tight to fit on the column. Is there another one from a different Triumph or other brand of car that can be used. Thanks' Adrian
  8. Does anyone have any ideas as to why my Vitesse driver's door should suddenly decide to open while I'm driving along. Somewhat alarmingly it does this on sharpish left hand bends, like pulling off a roundabout. Occasionally, I hear a light "click" and I know that it's unlatched so I'm ready for it. It shuts well enough and seems solid, then sometimes changes it mind while once we're moving!
  9. Another question, sorry. Wish I had one to look at.. How on earth does the fuel line from the tank on a Mk 2 Vitesse find it's way over/around the diff/rear suspension after poking through the floor and on its way to join the main line along the chassis rail? Got me bamboozled.. A photo would be beyond fabulous.. Thanks, especially Peter, for the help with front valance. Cheers Chris
  10. Seen at Weston Classic Picnic yesterday:
  11. This is the passenger strike plate and the "slider" doesnt close like the drivers side . Initially the spring was in wrong impeding the slider . The spring looks like its been stretched . Is this setup ok to refit ? What does this slider do ??? Paul
  12. I've been looking at a Vitesse Mk2 on Ebay and wondered whether any members could share their wisdom about trouble spots to look out for. I've previously (in the dim and distant past!) owned Heralds and GT6, so I'm reasonably familiar with that range, but would value other members opinions. The car I'm looking at, on Ebay, is in the Stevenage area, so any members in that area may even know the car!
  13. Does anyone still have an unused Canly Classics CV kit they intended to fit but maybe didn’t and then you sold the car? How about a used kit that you removed from your Vitesse / GT6 before you sold it? I am interested in either option if anyone still has one. Good money waiting for the right one. Please e-mail paul@theclassicmoulton.co.uk with your items for sale, ideally with some pictures so that we both know what we are dealing with. Thanks. P.S. I know other kits are still available but I specifically want the (now obsolete) Canley Classics kit. ?
  14. Hi folks, new member starting the search for a usable, four seater convertible (13/60 Herald or Vitesse). Need to fill two objectives, a new weekend/fun car (just sold my SLK 350) but also to tow behind our vintage motorhome that we had rebuilt by Airstream in the US and then imported. Hope to connect to others locally (we are in East Kent)as part of the info gathering before we take the plunge! - Martin and Denise
  15. Triumph Vitesse Mk2 1969 Saloon , Overdrive, Britax Sunroof We've just got back from a trip to Ireland in our Vitesse WBL 281 H and like to share some facts and figures and we did get there and did get back - a few minor hiccups but proof it can be done Departed 23rd May - arrived back 5th June We live in Bury St Edmunds and the mileage to Holyhead approx 300 miles - did this over 2 days meeting up with family on the way Weve never been away in a classic before so didnt know what to expect so booked 3 nights B&B , Athlone, Doolin, Kilimer ( nr Kilrush ) All found using Booking.com - They do offer free cancellation though with B&B its 1 or 2 weeks , with Hotels it could be just a day . Using Booking.com keeps everything is in one place as well We ended up in Kilimer and needed to decide if we were crossing the Shannon using the ferry or stay in the area. We chose to stay in County Clare as found the short hops not to our taste , so settled on a Guest House just out side Ennis - The choice was good and luckily enough was able to extend our stay for 4 nights going out for day trips which we thoroughly enjoyed though some of the roads meant travelling at less than 20mph with every part of your car trying to shake to bits On Friday 1st June we headed off to Portloaise for the Gordon Bennett Rally meeting up with our daughter , husband and friends . They were in 2 Porsche 914,s and a 4.2 E type 2 + 2 The rally has about 150 entries and celebrates Gordon Bennett who actually existed , check this link , all cars prior to 1985 are eligible, though this trigger date is negotiable. The event lasts for 3 days and each evening a meal / entertainment is provided . The Irish hospitality is unrivaled and they appreciate the effort many of the drivers have made to go to the event - If anybody is interested its always the Irish Bank Holiday which was the 1st June this year - There are ferry / hotel deals which are not easy to find so more than happy to forward details Triumphs were represented with stags, TR's , one Herald and my Vitesse More links : Facebook ,, Youtube of all the cars starting the rally All in all a great holiday and bucket list ticked especially as our Vitesse wasnt ready for last year's rally . Issues we had . We didnt take enough 20/50 oil . 1 litre is not enough and its not easy to purchase . On reflection I think my dipstick is wrong as topped up to the full mark - Went down to 1/2 much quicker than I expected then stayed at 1/2 for a lot longer - plan is now to change the oil , put in 3.5 litres , note the level and then put in 1 more litre ( Thanks Pete ) - I know im losing oil through the rocker box gasket , piston 6 . Despite changing the cork gasket its still seeping and didnt want to over tighten - I think a neoprene gasket is the way forward . The weather has been glorious throughout and this I think the heat contributed to not being able find any gears one afternoon early in the journey - I removed the carpet section ( with a knife ) + sound padding behind the clutch and this increased the clutch throw and all gears accessible . Having Overdrive helped a lot and made driving more comfortable and the MGF seats were excellent especially over the longer journeys and rough roads - Despite sound / heat insulation and good carpets the cabin did get warm on the sunny afternoons and the sunroof cooled things down and made for a pleasant driving experience - We have a single exhaust and very grateful I didnt go down the wheel barrow route . Plus some of the rural roads would have removed any low hanging exhausts and after a day of rural roads you will need to check you havent lost anything - Facts : 1421 miles in total , average mileage 29.94 mpg, Longest journey in one day 195 miles (A5 , M6, A14 ) The engine was faultless started every time , we used 95 petrol all the time ( never saw anything else ) + octane booster - No pinking and no loss of power though the Vitesse is never pushed hard Heres some pics to prove we made the trip Hopefully this will inspire others to have a go and it wont be long before we start planning the next trip I know for a fact without the help of this Forum we wouldnt have made the trip - so a genuine thanks to all who have helped me in preparing WBL281H Paul
  16. Hi all - I really hoped I could sort this myself but appears not . My Vitesse Mk 2 wont start after a layup of 4 months . The work ive done that could affect the issue . Dynamator (Alternator) replaced the original Dynamo - When I refitted I put the ignition (white ) cable on the negative side of the coil and according to Accuspark this has blown the electronic ignition - replacement Ignition on the way . Whilst waiting for replacement bits I have removed the Delco D6 ( accuspark ) dizzy and replaced with original Lucas 22 with traditional new points set at 15 thou and firing order 153624. ( The Ht leads on the dizzy cap go anti clockwise ie 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4. ) By connecting a bulb from the negative side of the coil & earth and turning over with the key the bulb goes on and off . I have a spark on each of the plugs ( checked with the red plastic extensions which shows the spark) The NGK plugs have been cleaned and gapped at 25 thou and havent been changed and appear in good condition ( about 1,000 miles) I have fuel and by removing the pipe next to to the twin Stroms petrol is pumping out at a healthy rate - removing the top 4 nuts on each of the carbs everything is wet with petrol . The pistons are not jammed and raise manually under a degree of pressure and fall naturally. I have replaced the original bendix with a high torque starter from the club and the difference and improvement is very noticeable . Initial timing was using the bulb system waiting for the bulb to light up at cylinder 1 ( front of engine ) . Then I advanced ( moving dizzy anti clockwise ) the dizzy a touch and tightened up . I did try adding a squirt of carb start into the stroms to no effect - left the engine to "dry out " with no effect . The only response from the engine is an occasional "fart " accompanied by a haze from the Stroms ( the filters are off ) Again any help appreciated Paul
  17. Vitesse mk2 Hi checking the steering and the rubbers on rack steering mounts are a little tired , is it worth moving to the solid alloy mounts offered by Canleys Any info appreciated Paul
  18. Last year I purchased a set of leather MGF seats ( 2001) for my Vitesse Saloon, completed the modifications and they work well. The missus is best pleased as the seats are very comfortable making longer journeys easier. Im now upgrading the electrics including adding modern fuse boxes and this makes accessories easier and safer to include, so adding heated seat pads to the MGF seats . Waeco heated seats cost about £90 Britpart heated seats cost about £60 Ebay copy of Britpart ( doesnt have the posh box but 99% certain the contents are the same ) £30 I chose the Britpart because of cost as only found the non branded version recently , but wouldnt hesitate if purchasing again There is an excellent MGF forum which gives details how to fit the Waeco Heated Pads here . All the heated seats are similar though Waeco are handed so Ive added a few photos if using Britpart Its best to read in detail the MGF forum advice first then fill in with my photos etc below if using the Britpart version / unbranded LINK Dismantling the seats involves using a Torx 50 socket and you probably wont have one this big so simply use a reversed screwdriver attachment. The pics explain . A bit unconventional but worked for me With the Torx bolts removed the seat is in 2 parts . The back is easy and fitting the pad is a doddle though you will need the trim the heated panel by approx 140 mm so follow the MGF forum advice The Pads can be trimmed by up to 150mm The seat squab is a different story and working on a bench will make life easier - removal of the leather top is covered in detail by the MGF Forum The power cable come out of the back of the seat and the picture shows the heat pad in place the removable securing tape removed up to the blue ink line so secured to the foam. The 6 punched holes are where Hog ties were situated . The hog ties being replaced with cable ties . The pads can have sections removed . the max size hole being 200 mm wide and 50 mm deep providing the side wires are not cut The seat show has all the cable ties in place to fix to the leather cover . Working from the back of the seat secure the cable ties up to the first cross section The above pic show the first 3 fixings which go across the seat completed . The yellow plastic trim sits in a foam recess . Now its a case of securing all the remaining ties and refitting the top leather cover. This takes some manual persuasion though the cover will go back looking this this . Note the cable exit is by the prop tunnel Now refit the Torx bolts and you have the seats ready to go back Please excuse the additional furniture , its far too cold to work in the garage its currently minus 1 !!! The next pic show the exit cables - 1 per pad I then tested the seats by a temp fitting of the cabling - The seat switch covers both seats, pushing right turn the drivers seat on to high heat , pushing right again gives low heat, pushing again switches off the right seat. Pushing the left hand side operates the passenger seat - I like the idea of having 1 switch as easier to place and currently the switch location is a modified rectangular switch bracket which will be fitted in a central location under the dash - The appearance isnt classic though pleased with the look - The switch illuminates red , then orange for the 2 power levels - There is also a night light which i havent tried yet I tested the seats in a cold conservatory about 6 C and with my Aldi heat gun recorded 23 c and pretty sure there was more heat to come - Earlier in the week when the wood burner in the conservatory was on and temps of 18 C the first seat went up to 34C The Britpart quoted output is 44 watts on low and 90 watts on high An inline 15 amps fuse is fitted and the control box has a relay included + temp guard to prevent overheating Now I need to refit the seats and permanently wire them in Hope this helps Paul
  19. Hi currently upgrading my Vitesse to modern fuse box and sorting PO wiring - Main beam flasher doesnt work and on checking column light switch a cable is missing. Also trying to work out why dipped & main beam work independently to the ignition - I thought the ignition needed to be on before operating dipped & main beams Whilst getting access to the wiring I thought Id try to sort the horn push and try to get it to work as the horn is currently is a separate horn push on the dashboard . The steering wheel is a Springalex boss with a 14" steering wheel . I have a live feed to the horn ring on the steering column but pretty sure the boss doesnt make contact with the horn ring - Am I missing another connecting spring set up that sits on the horn ring and connects to the Springalex boss ? Any help appreciated Paul
  20. Hello I am very new to all of this and have recently bought a 1969 Mk2 Vitesse. It doesn't have overdrive. It goes really well but as you would expect reaches around 4500 revs at 70mph not that I intend to scream around in it. I am planning a European trip next year and would value opinions on whether fitting a new gear box with overdrive would be worth it. I don't think it is a job I could do myself. How much should this sort of thing cost and what are the various options? Thanks Mike
  21. G'day, Chris in Tasmania. I have started work on a pretty rusty Mk2 Convertible imported here in 1997. I suspect it is the only one in Tas. and maybe one of very few in Aus. as they were never sold here. So I have nothing to compare it with, which is why, after buying it and paying both freight and customs on a complete interior trim kit, it is really annoying to find out that the front seats are not Mk2 Vitesse... no idea what they are, except definitely British. I will attach a photo, one is just the frame, the other complete. They have a lever at the side to enable them to tilt forward. I am hoping somebody has a bare frame from a Mk2 that they could measure for me so that I can work out if what I have is usable, or at least adaptable.. The freight on a pair of seats, if I could find them, would be formidable, though I have thought they could be hack-sawed through the bend and 'flat packed'? The basic height, widths etc. would be all I need.. Cheers Chris
  22. Hi all, I failed to find this in the search function so starting a new topic (correct me if I'm wrong). I have a usable (if scruffy) hardtop for my Vitesse Convertible and, before I pull off the hood and take the frame out, are there any reasons why you'd keep the hood instead of hardtop and full tonneau aside from personal preference? I quite like how the hardtop looks and the interior light would be useful. Also, if anyone has a smart idea for attaching the hardtop with some quick release mechanism instead of the j-bolts I'd be grateful! Thanks, Shaun
  23. Hi I have a Mk2 Vitesse with Rostyle hubcaps. Only one ever fitted well, then I noticed that the depth of the fixing rim on the back were different depths, the one that fiited well has a depth of around 15mm. I thought I have found a good set at Stoneleigh at the weekend, but on getting them home, I found that these have an even shallower rim (around 12mm)and don't stay on. Does anyone know what the car the 12mm rims are from (so I can potentially sell them) or whether it's possible to source the fixing rim to swap them over or alternative fixing methods? Thanks
  24. Thanks to all involved in organising the Silverstone parade lap for the GT6 and Vitesse anniversary!
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