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Changing from dynamo to alternator


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The accuspark offering is suprisingly cheap, and will maintain the period look of the car.


You could probably fit a conventional alternator for quite a bit less, but you would need the mounting bracket and other hardware from a Spitfire, which would add to the cost.


At only £125 it is an attractive alternative to a dynamo.


45A output should be sufficient for your needs unless you plan to fit high power head lights and a monster stereo.

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The standard dynamo cable on a 13/60 will only carry 25amp, make sure you upgrade to suitable size.


The lucas alternators have 2 large connectors so it's just a matter of running an additional cable back to the battery.


There's a good article on the TSSC Devon website on how to convert.




Just follow the 'Technical' link.

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Be advised the terminals on the Dynamator are not the same as the originals, so may require a bit of alteration to leads etc; there’s one on the top of the unit which sits worryingly close to the bonnet of the GT6 when fitted. Heralds should be okay though.

Alternators are available new from around £40 on eBay so if cost is the deciding factor I’d go that way.

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