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Front Suspension lower wishbone bushes

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Looks like I might be changing the rather tired looking, but functional, front suspension lower wishbone bushes on my GT6. Now I am a bit of novice / numpty at this kind of thing, so always plan carefully. Looking at this, and then thinking about it, I think this is fairly straight-forward. This is what I think is the best way to do this;


1) Raise vehicle onto stands and remove wheels.


2) Support hub on a trolley jack.

3) Remove existing wishbone bolts, and allow wishbone to drop down (may need some persuasion)

4) Remove old bushes and replace with nice new Blue Poly bushes.

5) Refit



Simples???? Or have I missed something obvious.


Polite comments and suggestions welcome ;-)



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the use of a suitable sized socket a good washer and some cheap studding  ,couple of nuts from BQ will make a simple drag to pull old out and ease new in


do not grease polly, use the paste supplied 


fit bush then  add tube,  


while youre in their  undo the single nut, engine side of the chassis and pull out the wishbone swivel,  the long through stud can have serious rot  so worth a look  ,it will be either fine or worrying  !!!

make sure you refit fit one at a time dont mix them and get them the right way up ( take a pic)



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