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Spain Tour

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Hello All

             We are off to Spain in the morning in Spitty

We are getting the ferry from Plymouth to Santander

We will have a one night stop on the way to Lugo where we are staying for 5 nights before moving on Zamora for 2 nights then to Avila for 3 nights and all one nighters after that!

We will cover about 1,300 miles in Spain plus the 400 this side so a trip of about 1,700 miles

I am half Excited and half Terrified as it has been 3 years since a long trip like this due to Covid (but we did 5,000 miles in UK last year !)

I have serviced and checked the car over and it has been MOT'd and I am carring various spares!

This is the general route(we usually wander off onto the nice roads to get from A to B )

We are going to do a couple of Pyrenees passes as well!

Roger and the Memsahib

ps the combined age of the car and us is 191 !!!!! 😄


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Sounds fantastic 

Please drop us a wee write up - & a few pictures (should be some great ones) - at international-liaison@tssc.org.uk and we'd love to include your trip in the International Liaison report later in the year. 




John (and Jess) 

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Interesting looking route, Iv`e done a bit of it in the Camper, en-route South. You should enjoy, just watch out for Guardia/local Policia, in the bushes with speed guns!!.  (don`t ask how I know,). Some of the scenary is stunning. BTW, there are allegedly NEW ferries on the route, I would be interested to know what they are like, it was my favourite snowbird route South in the 90`s early 2000`s.


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Hello All

              We are here and at the first Doss house and it is 200 years old and only 4 stars!

The evening meal was only 3 courses and only 1 bottle of red and 1 bottle of white wine plus bottle of water!

We hope breakfast is better after all it is £135 for the 2 of us!  HaHa

Roger and the Memsahib

ps guess who got caught in a one Mother f****r of a rain storm with the hood down?

will post photos tomorrow

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Hello All

              We are roughing again!

Have a look at this video (if it works?) they are playing Zanfona's(look it up) it has been a 3 day event.

We had a look at prison that Franco locked up people he did not like in the thirtys!!!

We have plenty of Vino and Tapas still we have to help the local economy?

Spitty is running ok but I think I have leaned off the files a bit much as she was running a bit lean at times(I will add a bit back in before we move off)

Roger and the Memsahib

ps the photo of food was the starter and the bottle of white wine was in the ice bucket!

It was a 3 course meal with a bit of Tapas while we waited for the first course!

We did not use the Spa but as you could see it was a nice place and about £125 all in! which we thought was good value for what we had and a nice view from the window

pps She got out!








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Hello All

               Last day in Lugo visited the museum and a public building that is a theater and snooker hall and libarary and chess room and social rooms

I would like a watch like this ! and a lighter!

We thought about dance classes but went for Vino and tapas instead

Off to Zamora tomorrow

Roger and the Memsahib










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On 05/06/2022 at 22:57, rogerguzzi said:


Have a look at this video (if it works?) they are playing Zanfona's(look it up) it has been a 3 day event.

Vielle a roux, wheel-fiddle, sinfonia, hurdy-gurdy... I've got one. The first time I trial-played it the cat jumped up ran off and my daughter made me promise never ever to play it again. Very loud, but can be nice in the right hands.

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Hello All

              We had WiFi in Avila

Now a Holiday report !

When we got to Avila we were all Hot and Touchy and had to find a traffic free steet you can drive down to the garage???

So after a few false starts(getting Hotter!) This nice young man told me down this steet and though the tunnel?

So Numpty drove down the street and turned into a nice archway and along and young people were cheering and taking photos and one stopped us and said I was on the pedestrian way the tunnel was the next one down(See Photo)

We drove across the Plaza the get out?

So now a few photos

Roger and the Memsahib

ps the Bride is well you guess?

pps the Aircraft was in the middle of a road island in I think Salamanca























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Hello All (Tuesday)

               We are now at Camping Castillo de Loarre (NO NOT CAMPING)

We are in a Chalet with all mod cons and Spitty parked at the side and in view of the The Castillo de Loarre

We passed through an area and I think the wind turbines had self seeded!

We were in the middle of them (see photos) and at a very rough count we could see 200+

Then a bit farther on I spotted a Dam (well you can guess the rest?)

Yes we drove over it (see photos)

We had a stop for coffee etc and filled Spitty with 98 stuff again then went passed our Camp Site to the Castillo de Loarre.

We had a good look around and a glass of Vino (see photo) before back to Camp Site which we think is an old olive grove?

What do you think of the Vino view? Can you beat it on a chance encounter?

Roger and the Memsahib

Ps Spitty has averaged 49.47mpg (even after richening the maps??)

Pps I have richened it a bit more as I could still see a few lean spots and we are up in the Pyrenees tomorrow!



















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Hello All (Wednesday)

                                     We are now in Canfranc having stopped at the Station for refreshments and a look at the restoration work (must dig out a photo from last time we were here to compare!)

It was only a short run of about 65miles.

Spitty seems ok most of the time but still a bit lean at times in certain areas?

I have this theory it may bet the heat at times as has been in the mid Thirties and more most of the time!

When I put Spitty onto ITB’s I fitted the in tank pump in the near side of the tank and the old return goes down into the tank to near the bottom on the near side!

So I am thinking some times she is getting hot petrol when moving slow or after standing in the heat!

As the fuel cooler would not be doing much and it may not be in the best position to get cooling air?

Off up over the Pyrenees Tomorrow!


Roger and the Memsahib


Ps Anther nice Vino View (except the cars!)
















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nice bit of architecture/ query what's an ITB, the crane was built to last!

The daughters Mk2 runs OK up to around 43C with no overheating using an elect fan which is necessary in traffic, BUT the cabin is definately not a place to be!

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Hello All

               We are now Javier(Xavier) having driven up the Somport pass (4790feet)

We could see remains of the railway line as we came down the Frog side.

We then climbed up the Col De La Pierre Saint Martin pass (5775feet)

Poor old Spitty got very hot under the collar and us! but the views were good.

It was a nice rundown the other side to Javier and the Hotel which is opposite the Castle

We think the temperature was 38 degs today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going across country to just passed Logrono about 100 miles tomorrow.

Roger and the Memsahib


















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Hello All

             I forgot to say yesterday as we were leaving Canfranc station 2 construction workers were walking passed and one was a nice young lady and she said beautiful car and can I take a photo of you in it and I said how about a photo of you in it and at first she was confused but then a big smile broke out on her face and she climbed into Spitty and her co worker took several photos it is as close to winning the lottery as she will get any time soon!

Roger and the Memsahib

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Hello All

               Well this has been a different day

We are now just outside a little town called Cenicero for one night.

We were having a good cross country trip and it was getting hotter and hotter(38degs)

So we stopped at a nice small bar for Coffee and Sandwiches which were good.

An old Spanish man came in and was saying something about the car that we did not understand and we just thought he likes the car!

But when I went to start the car (have you guessed what I had done??)

Yes that is it we came through a tunnel earlier and I had put the lights but forgot to turn them off(Numpty No1)

So we went back into the bar and the Lady understood what had happened and phoned someone up (Maybe her husband) and within 10minutes he was there with jump leads and his old Volo.

I had given the lady some money for the phone call against her will!

I also gave the man 10 euros against his will and thanked him.

So as Willy Nelson said we were on the road again.

I am going to fit one of those simple buzzer circuits that stop you doing this!

Last photo view from room over the vineyard to the distant mountains and all is good in our world again

Roger and the Memsahib






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Nice little Seat? 600 in that shot. I had a Fiat version back in the day, Suicide doors and sunshine roof.  Classic cars seem few and far between in Spain. I only saw one rather nice Renault 5 during our entire week in Andalucia in 2019 (Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Sanlucar, Tarifa.)

Can't wait to go back.

Unlike me, I only took one photo of a car! All the rest were horses... Well, it was the Feria del Caballo, Jerez de la Frontera. Had to keep SWMBO happy!


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9 hours ago, mark powell said:

Classic cars seem few and far between in Spain. I only saw one rather nice Renault 5 during our entire week in Andalucia in 2019 (Jerez, Cadiz, Seville, Sanlucar, Tarifa.)

Hello Mark

                   I was told by Rubin in Lugo when Spitty had driveshaft trouble the import duty on cars was Very high in Fracos day so you only see Mercs etc owned doctors etc

So the cheap Triumph were priced out for ordinary people.

Unless they were made/assembled in Spain


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Hello All

               We are now at a site close to Reinosa in a row of boxes overlooking the lake (better than it sounds)

We have come through the vineyards and over the mountains past the wind turbines and it has been TO HOT AGAIN!!

The owner here says it much hotter than normal we saw 35 degs sign but think at times closer to 40 degs!

Tomorrow we are off to the coast just outside Saint Vincent and back to Blighty on Monday afternoon sailing from Santander back in Blighty Tuesday afternoon!


Roger and the Memsahib


Ps we have covered 1530 miles from home and used 30.63 galls = 49.951028 MPG!!!!










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