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Herts and Beds Area gave me a surprise

Pete Lewis

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Busy at the Pub on Monday, with 40 guys and gals present , collecting xmas dinner money and about to call the raffle when Jo announced an anouncement was taking over, well behind the scenes devious Jo had been squirreling a fund from followers and they had decided on my 70th to give me a cracking water colour exclusive painting of my 2000 , this in recocnition of what it seems I do for the area and local members


this was a brilliant surprise and very humbling , makes it all worthwhile

so a big thanks to all who had contributed .......gob smacked!!!!!!



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Cor blimey this is re awakened

Need to get a bigger hat size now


happy to help out when I can , being retired gives the time , its the senior moments that

catch up fast, when you start to forget what you thought you remembered


happy motoring



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Doug Im working on it,    but.........  I dont want any more ....  pills for plumbing, pills for diabetes,  pills for sugar,  strap on knee pads, notes to remember

slippers with pom poms  ,,  whats next     map of public  loo's    and the  bus to the nut house  .


dont want a telegram    and   Marm'  hasnt sent me an invite  .........yet !!!!!!!!!!!


but i know what oil to put in me dashpots    ha |!




Pete     where's this all going 

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