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Reversing light switch


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you need a bracket that fixes on the two front top cover mounts 

there are two on for overdrive and one for reverse



overdrive is 133770


reverse is  126746

switch  127380

operating cam/arm  126750


used on early heralds  and Gt6   


try mick dolphin http://www.mickdolphin.co.uk/Files/TSSC%20Weblist%200615.pdf

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I assume your 1600 stil has a 3 synchro gearbox,  

   if a later 4 syncro box was fitted there may be a tapped hole inthe top cover under the remote to take the switch

   you cant directly fit a 4 sychro top cover to a 3 sychro box  the forks are very different 

   even reverse has a ramp to operate the switch , not so on the early boxes 

   hence the need for the external bracket arrangement 



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