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Happy Birthday - Peter Lewis - 70 Today


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Morning Peter and a very Happy Birthday.


Have a great day and all the very best.


I think, safely, I can say on behalf of all the TSSC members and especially forum users, many thanks for all your help & advice you give; we have all benefitted from that.


Best wishes.



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Thank Guys,

Ive been out for meals on three days and for once in my life not had to cough up anything.

Makes a really appreciated and welcome change from the normal.

apart from colesterol up, sugars up, weights up , but wallets looking good !!!!!!


and you have to suffer awfully nice slippers


Always pleased to help with some waffle its what the clubs all about ,



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Pete, could I please add my good wishes and hope that you are having an enjoyable and memorable day. Your knowledge freely shared with us all on this forum is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Kind regards



Well said John, I agree100%. Thanks Pete for helping me to understand how my flooding Strombergs (don't...) work. I think that more than 1000 posts on this forum (second to none!) and the qualtity of those advices certainly deseves a painting. Happy birthday Pete!!

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Happy birthday! Sounds as if you've had a good day, which is great Is that 3 meals in one day?!


I can only reiterate all the thanks posted here for the support you provide to us all, as well as your efforts on arranging events etc for Herts and Beds area.


All the best,



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