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Change brake pipes ?


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Good evening everyone,

my exhaust was eaten by rodent, so for now it's all off.

I m installing a 6-3-1 and twin sport exhaust instead of stock.

while i m there (bad start i know) i m gonna change the old stiff plastic fuel line for copper kit and was wondering about the brake pipe too !

the front pipes are so old and clogged that one broke when trying to remove the brake lines. my project is in really bad shape, and now that all exhaust system is off, I just thought I could do the brakes pipe.... so question is :


- Can you change all the pipes with the body on ? Do I need to remove anything ?

- Is it a painful job ? Are all kit good ?


thx for help 

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All done with teh body on, bit of faff but be patient and all is good.


My experience with kits is that some pipes are a bit long, and not easy to lose the extra. The fuel pipe is just 5/16 copper (or better, kunifer) but 8mm is essentially the same size, so just buy some of that. With the fuel rubber hose make sure you use R9 hose (do not get fobbed off by sellers with R6, it is not suitable for modern fuels with ethanol in them)


If you are handy and want to save a few bob you can just buy a roll of brake pipe and a cheap flairing tool plus cutter, all the ends, and make your own. They should then be a good fit. I use electrical wire (from 2.5 t+e cables) to make the patterns up, just stiff enough the bend easily and keep its shape.

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If you are replacing the complete brake line system, then I would thoroughly recommend using Goodridge s/s flexi hoses between the caliper and the rigid pipe - i.e. get rid of the rubber flexi hoses.


I replaced the four on my Vitesse earlier this year prior to touring in France and have to say the difference in pedal pressure was vastly improved.


Just a thought.





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