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Citroen C5 Mk2 advice needed

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The driver's door mirror is loose!   The bolt or bolts are coming undone.

I need to get under the internal door trim to tighten them, but can see no screws etc that hold the trim on.

Anyone have a C5 Mk2  and can advise me please?


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Ah!  Spasibo, tovarich Pyotr!

But that's a Mk1, with the door mirror in the base of the window glass frame.   The Mk 2 has it mounted on the door skin, just below the glass.


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34 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

This one covers 2008 - 2017... mirrors on door? The guy narrating it sounds like an Undertaker, needs to cheer up a bit.


He probably owned an XM Hearse!

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