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Trueing up the body tub...


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Hi. Due to circumstances outside my control, I am having to do the repairs on my mk4 spitfire body tub off of the chassis. Obviously the priority is to level up & brace everything, before sill removal. Have got the door gaps perfect, but the distance between the edge of the windscreen frame, to the top of the B posts, is 10mm less on the driver's side. If I change anything else to make the frame/B posts match, I lose the door gaps. Suspect that years of the driver hauling themselves out using the windscreen frame has bent the frame. What I would like is for someone to measure the distance between a known point on each edge of the windscreen frame, to a known point on each B post. Would tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree..! Afraid I don't have a hardtop to use as a guide, but will refit the quarter light (gt6) frames on the doors at the weekend, to get an idea of screen angle correctness... Many thanks.

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