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I'm so lucky to have this

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My 13/60 Herald Convertible was bought new by my Father in 1969 from local dealership Evans & Cutler in Totnes.  Always used by my Doctor Father as his second car and always with the roof down.  Even 20 plus years after his death, the little car is unbelievably still recognised as the Doctor's car, and indeed even a couple of weeks ago at Powderham Show, the biggest in Devon, a lady asked my husband if it was a Torquay car, then went on to say she was sure it was her Aunt's Doctor's car.  Things like that make her very special indeed.  My beloved Dad lives on every time I drive the Herald and he instilled in me my love of cars and driving them.

Her stablemate is a 1972 Stag known as 'Frugal' cos she isn't.



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