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TSSC rugby shirts


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I was quite taken with the new TSSC rugby shirt shown in the recent Courier and looked for them in the on line shop. They weren't there and I thought TSSC had missed a trick what with Christmas coming up. 


However I was pleased to hear they were on display at NEC. Another look in the shop and there they are! I'm in for at least two of those plus a yellow beanie hat. Good work guys. Perhaps a few more photos in the next Courier?

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The mishmash in how the shop displays is all to do with how the data was loaded by the epos developer

its a nightmare to put this into a logical display and with Garth being a one man band there is not the days and weeks time open to re shuffle the whole lot


the old shop was was a nightmare to run as it had no epos built in , the new current was to end all efficiency problems but the mix up of parts is far from easy to amment,


On the old shop ,I spent hours loading pictures and updates which could be assisted by a few of us with admin away from hq, , as far as I am aware there, s no body there now to help


the epos does many things very much better but reshuffle is not one of them

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