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Inserting the windscreen rubber trim - tool?


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I need to insert the trim into the hardtop rear glass rubber. There’s no rush as the trim is currently out of stock 😩

Which insertion tool do you guys use?

I had the glass put back into the hardtop by “a man in a white van” as it was beyond my capability. Two guys struggled for a while but eventually won. At the time, they told me that the trim will help to centre the rubber. With a smile, they also said “please don’t call us to fit it for you”, implying that it will not be an easy job.

Is this set, for example, man enough for a bit of a fight?



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On the earlier cars, the trim is just a silver plastic T-section that pushes into a slot. That's easy enough to fit. Unroll it straight, push it into place. making bends as you go. Press home with a roller. Best done when warm. You don't need that tool - in fact I've yet to work out what my one is useful for.

Now the MkIV Spitfire windscreen trim... that's a different matter altogether!

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the idea is the wire hoop opens the seal and you feed the mylar strip in through the hoop as you push it around the apperture

so with 6 pairs of hands and following wind its very easy !!!!!!!!!!

Oh and when the wire escapes the groove in the rubber an attacks the screen pillar paint you get even more happy 

a bit of soft soap is a good lubricant ,   



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