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Mk2 Vitesse shocks

Kev Makin

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Hi all,

      I am about the strip and rebuild the rear suspension and drive shafts of a Mk2 Vitesse. I will be replacing the Rotoflex shafts with CV ones and the lever dampers with shocks. The normal approach is the fit the extension bracket for the top shock mount so that the shock itself doesn’t foul the doughnut. But, seeing as I won’t have a doughnut I believe I can use the existing top mount on the chassis. So, my dilemma is….what shock absorber do I need…has anyone else done this???


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Hi Kev

At the risk of complicating matters I notice that the club shop lists the Rotoflex conversion unit as a special.

I have always thought that the conversion unit was shorter as they can lock on maximum travel :angry: .

My cars have both setups but I didn’t fit the shock conversion to my rotoflex car, My cv conversion car has standard Lever arm dampers with the canley racing drop links which work well.

Give the shop a ring they should be able to give you the sizes.

Regards Mike

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