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Back again, need some advice please.


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Good evening all,

I have been stripping down my 62 coupe and have completely unbolted the roof at the back and the front.

1) How many bolts are at the front?

2) is it just stuck down after 53 years of use and how do I remove it without damaging it?


Help or advice would be great, have tried putting some wood under it and winding down the lift but it is picking up the car on it,


many thanks in anticipation,


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theres 3 at the front one in the mirror bracket,  and one each side under the sun visor base, need to remove the visors first


theres three across the rear deck  one close to each pillar and one central


then there pop rivet or screws on the top of  each of the B post dummy pillars  


you need to undo the courtesy lamp harness and you may find a simple harness at the NS rear pillar into the boot



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