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Spitfire track rod gaiter puzzle

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I'm changing all the wobbly bits on my 1500. I am now stumped. I want to fit new steering rack gaiters. The drivers side went on fine, but the passenger side is another matter as the ID of the gaiter end is about half the OD of the ball joint assembly. Is there a secret that they dont put in the manuals??

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Yes many supply one that is like fitting a condom to a raging elphant ,


Have seen these before, you can get it to stretch with fight but my guess is its a look alike not a size right


from memory I reckon there are two rack manufactures used, they are both different ends

aftermarket sell something that resembles a gaitor and you end up with fight that shouldnt happen



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Just had exactly the same issue even though my gaiters were sourced from Rimmers.  Spent an hour on it getting no-where

Managed to get it on by using three wooden spoons (the one-use variety you got when eating outside during covid)  I did a bit of pre-stretching (of the gaiter) and then inserted the bowls of the three spoon into the gaiter neck and then slid the well greased gaiter up and over.  Took me 5 minutes.  Well chuffed!!

P.S. the wooden knives, forks and coffee stirrers are also very useful for scraping without scratching.


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CV rubber boot replacement suppliers provide a plastic funnel like tool with the boot to expand the boot end over the CV joint, I’ve made similar with cardboard to fit the small ended boot over the rack ball joint suitably greased of course.

Ref condom’s went to our club here BBQ at a mates we took the wife’s Jag rather than a Trumpg as it was a hot day, in retribution my mate put a “French letter” on the bonnet Leaper I fortunately noticed it before we drove off and removed it and fitted it over his front gate handle, I’d forgotten how bl**dy slippery those things were, I could feel the lubricant on the Leaper for day’s. I did ask him in front of his wife why he had a “French Letter” 

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