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I have just bought a small tractor unit for my allotment (I am old enough to admit to having an allotment!) to which can be fitted various attachments. Reading through the engine info (15hp Honda) it suggests running through with Aspen fuel at the end of the season. Having never heard of the product, I looked on their website, which seems to suggest that it is equally useful for larger 4 strokes that are "laid-up" for any period. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of this for classic cars? I generally don't have a problem with my Spitfire4, come the start of the season but I know that my brother has problems with his TR4. Are there any other such products? Stewart Sloan 

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you mean this stuff   its on amazon


Aspen 4 alkylate 4-stroke petrol. 1 litre
by Aspen


Price: £13.27 FREE UK delivery.
Only 5 left in stock.
Estimated delivery 10 - 14 Dec. when you choose Standard Delivery at checkout. Details
Dispatched from and sold by Caldbeck Toys.
2 new from £13.27
  • Aspen 4 alkylate 4-stroke petrol
  • a petrol that is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents) is ethanol free
  • low odour - you are breathing much cleaner air when working with your power tools
  • is chemically inert - can leave the fuel in machinery and will start easily next time
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I use some stuff  called "Shell Advanced fuel system protector"    comes in little  50ml bottles 

The idea being to put a bottle or two in the fuel tank ,run the engine so it gets into carbs then the fuel doesn't go off and gum up in storage. .


As it seems to be Its  used  by motorcycle enthusiasts   round here  who lay up their bikes for many of the  months of the year  I thought I would try it.Seems to work OK.

I get it from  a  Sthil agent ( sold to  for garden  machinery use -put it in chain saw engine tanks etc)

I also  put it in the for the lawn mower over winter  and a very  infrequently used  little  petrol driven generator

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Tea?? Yuk! Nasty stuff and a waste of good Pochin! On the subject of Aspen fuel, I didn't realise you could get it over here, my gardener in Florida used it in his favourite tool a Four Stroke "Weed Whacker" (a strimmer on steroids) during the off (summer) season and swore by it. But even this fearsome device only had a 3 litre fuel tank so I think using it in a car might be uneconomical.

Some years ago my best friend and I tried running out Hill Climb Reynard Formula Toyota on Methanol. Lots of power but a real faf, we had to flush the whole system out with petrol after every meeting and never managed to get it all out. We gave up half way through the year, dropped the CR and went back to petrol. We were running a 1 gallon tank for the methanol and needed four gallons of petrol to flush the system out (badly).

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My dad had a Weed Whacker! He brought it home from the USA, he was distraught when he reversed over it with his car.


"Cornish Tea from Tregothnan Estate is the best."  I saw a piece on that on the TV. The chap who runs it recommended NOT to use boiling water. Boil it and let it stand for 5 minutes. Odd. :mellow:

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