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2000/Stag rear suspension bushes and hub bearings

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Right to cure the rear steer of the 2000 I am in the precess of replacing the trailing arm bushes, bit of a on your knees and grab a  Ray  to assist , I knew the bushes were a bit suspect when we examined her before purchase last year , but the std twitch out of  a roundabout was fairly normal but on the open road she had a distinct mind of her own  and rebuilding the front end made only a small improvement.


the outer bush was fine the inner had sunk about 12mm of centre ..so that corrects the excess rear toe in a good bit and puts the camber back to normal, the drive shaft telescopes were fine apart from the gaitor is too  aged .

the hub bearing is a bit thrupennybit and decidedly quiet but .....lumpy so having read its hard to get the old bearings off without a cupped puller I decided to switch the brain off and go for a pair of recons from J Paddock ,arrived in  1 day and free delivery

cheaper than any other and low surcharge/exchange , so will pick up a spare set of UJ from club on sundays open day

 swap the hub bearing assy and button her up next week

then report if its cured the  blue dragon from her 'wandering '






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The nuts ont he 6 small studs had a squirt and undid easy , I know about heavy hands and stripped studs

as they are only 11lbsft

poly bushes are in , new spring pads , just await the UJ

she need new flex hoses but the sleeve nuts are firmly attracted to the pipes and all wants to go round, so guess that wait to re pipe the whole car but not this year


it doesnt say anywhere the rear shoes wont release the springs and handbrake crank with the hub in the way , just love the triumph wsm for never divulging what you 'really need to know'

All the self adjust is free, we had the same on all the Hunters we had in the family

i found it works well so long as the crank pivot is free and the cables havnt been too shortend.

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The os is completed the ns has new poly bushes in and spring pads, new shoes fitted and just needs the bearing swapped, the uj were in brilliant nick and have reused the same , both shaft telescopes were well greased and fully free to slide easy.

subframe metalastiks are looking good as new, and the straps ans body are sound ,
remembering this car had been garaged off the road but MOtd for the past 20yrs
its only half its real age

the best thing is I had her fully treated by Rustmasters and it gets into tools and needs extra brake cleaner to remove the stuff that sticks to places not to be divulged

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Nothing say the later inner uj shroud wont fit through the trailing arm, its rigid ( possibly and age thingy)

and best cut off the shaft before removal



replacements are flexible and can be folded backwards with allows easy pop through the arm hole

and far easier to access the coupling bolts.

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with Xmas busy taking up some time together with a knacked knee cap the job is done , a few senior moments when i forgot to fit the new hub with wheel studs , but with a will and a fiddle there's just one spot you can edge the stud in when its all assembled, quick zip with a spacer and nut and theyre in. test run is good, with decided better cornering and directionability is now stable,  just need to check the rear Toe 


the  exchange james paddock hubs were £90 each + £30 surcharge   far cheaper than any other supplier and free courier included  cant be bad nicely finished and Uj grooves fine and drum face skimmed .  excellent srvice


but now it goes where you point it ....success.  

      just need the ibuprofen cream ..maybe rub it all over !!!




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