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Tight rear trunnions

Ken Bradley

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Help! I am very new to Triumph workings and on a very steep learning curve.


I've rebuilt the back end of a Spitfire 1500, exchange diff, new drive shafts, bearings and UJ's. No great problems, other than the trunnions! How tight are they supposed to be? As soon as I get anywhere near the stated torque (48 ft/lbs) the "squeeze" on the vertical link is such that the  trunnion is pinched so tight it is difficult to move. Is that as it should be?


If fitted that tight they will be acting as another suspension damper. Please reassure me I've not gone mad.    

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The trunnion bushes should have a tube to set the clamped up thickness it should be about the same length as the bushes so you tighten on the tube not the bush

they should waggle pivot relatively easily


are you using std plastic or poly ?


Were there any problems fitting the water shields and their o rings ??

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Didn't get much joy from the supplier, other than the to be expected "this has never happened before, we've sold thousands of them".


I have overcome the problem, I think, by putting what I considered to be an enormous bend in the vertical link. I not talking just straining it to insert the trunnion, rather I've "bent it"!  Also, I've not used anything like the stated torque. 48 ft/lbs seems to me to be a hell of a lot, to the point where it started to overcome the bend I'd put in the sides of the link.


All seems to function okay. The various washers and the "O" rings are in place, but it still does not alter the fact that the tubes do not completely fill the bushes!


Comments please, Ken.

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