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Pete Lewis

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On 01/08/2021 at 12:58, Pete Lewis said:

as a boy you would often see adverts  in  old Luton   hat factories  windows  for 

"Small boys wanted for cutting up"





At the beginning of the holiday season here , every year  adverts for hotel  workers  appeared.

-  including   “Wanted - women for cleaning” or “Women wanted for cleaning”

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12 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

think this is this ad's 3rd outing on the joke site.

I have trouble remembering the day let alone previous posts! I was sent this while bored helping out my old company with some quotes and needed kick starting...... 

1 hour ago, poppyman said:

Watch out Iain, Doug has a fantastic memory.... :)

My wife has an incredible memory for all the things I've done wrong. This morning I couldn't find the brush to clean my electric razor and said to her 'you've moved it' but she said she hadn't. I eventually found it and said that's not where I normally put it but she said it's where she put it 2 months ago. It wasn't a conversation I was ever going to win so gave up! 


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