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Pete Lewis

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ByWell looks like my post got blanked, and so has yours, Mathew!  Colin's reference to the scatological has remained, in isolation so no one coming later wil know why.

But then inconsistence in deletion was one reason  why Winston Smith got it from O'Brien, wasn't it?   Never mind, we love you Big Brother!

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The other moderators and I are getting fed up with tit for tat complaints about posts and posts that are rude, sexist and just downright crude.  

We’ve tried to tidy things up but some of you just won’t take the hint.  

If things carry on the way things are going, rather than dishing out black marks, we will start requiring posts by certain people to be screened by a moderator before they go public, or even more drastic measures.

Take this as a warning, calm things down, keep things polite and worthy of a forum that is the public face of the TSSC.

If you want to descend things to a childish gutter, please post it elsewhere.

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1 hour ago, Bfg said:

I second that.


At the moment the data says there are 21 online users, I'm sure that at least 20 of those 21 would agree as well.

We need to have standards, they don't need to be too high just high enough . . . .😁

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