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Pete Lewis

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

"You'll just feel a little prick" said the nurse... 😮

Of course that, was the mistake "she" made giving vaccinations in the same room as 15 Matelot`s. The room erupted with laughter and she went bright red!. And of course "someone" had to say out loud "how does she know that?".


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This is bella, she’s an 8 week-old German Sheppard puppy, I bought her as a surprise for my wife for Christmas but it turns out she is allergic to dogs so I am now urgently looking to find her a new home I don't want any money just free to a good home.
Her name is Angie shes 45 years old, a beautiful and caring woman who drives, she is a great cook, good with kids and always keeps a clean house.



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