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Pete Lewis

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11 hours ago, poppyman said:

I had a job making chess pieces once, only stuck it a month....  I was on permanent Knights. :( 


I made chess pieces once out of wood but they were a bit soft so I put metal rods up the centre... then I got accused of being in the hard core pawn business...

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Marriage Counsellor:
Your wife says you never buy her flowers. Is that true?
Him: To be honest, I never knew she sold flowers.
During the middle ages they celebrated the end of the plague with wine and orgies. Does anyone know if there is anything planned when this one ends?
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2 hours ago, Bfg said:

Just to help you recall the great times we had, at places like Duxford., 

.              ...and indeed can look forward to again - Here's a picturesque reminder . . .




Could that be an interior shot of a Nightingale hospital?


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