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Pete Lewis

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Well the Aussies have a sense of humour. Sky News report this am. Someone found a sheep that had been living "wild", so hence had never been Sheared. The fleece was enormous and weighed in at some ridiculous mass. They named it (wait for it) --------










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On 25/02/2021 at 10:23, Chris A said:

I actually saw an article in Le Figaro this morning about this sheep. The fleece weighed 35 kilos !

Pah!   Ony five years ago, another merino ram in Oz was shorn of 40kgs of fleece, grown during five years since he escaped the shearers.

But he was given a name in more subtle way - "Chris", after a 'character' in Father Ted!

Chris the sheep makes the Guinness World Records for after being shorn of  41.10kg of fleece | Daily Mail Online

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