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Cancel function on "quote" reply


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Why is there no "cancel" function displayed on the page after pressing a "quote reply" when adding a comment?


There IS a cancel function available IF the "more reply options" are pressed but just means another screen to go too... not very logical and not observed on other forums like this.


Anyway, what's the point of the extra screen? the "extra" (not really!) options could be incorporated in main reply section.

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Although there isnt a "cancel" quote button immediately available, you can simply highlight and then delete all the quoted text and the quote box dissapears.

Might as well use the "more reply options" at least its only one button press compared to highlight and delete.

Still don't understand what's difficult about having the cancel button on the quote box screen. :wacko:

Have any changes suggested by the members been looked or even done yet?

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