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Under Main Bonnet


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After recent renovation, I'm still fiddling with bonnet cone placement:- this is NOT the issue, though!  I note that of the two main transverse support bar foam 'gaskets' or, perhaps, anti-vibration pads that were wedged behind the bar - between it and the top bonnet panel, one is no longer functioning as such. 

First question:- were they always meant to be there from new and, I suppose, is there a 'correct'/ideal support bar-to-panel gap?!

Pics below!

A very piffling thing - but both were tight when she went off for remedial works! 

Best, C



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Mine are normally even. However I do have a bit of an extra gap at the moment. image.thumb.jpg.f7cbe42914ad8716b3df14c3c1f461b7.jpg

Probably cause the adjustment turnbuckle and / or bonnet support arm are currently not present. 

So it might just be you need some fettling of the adjustable bits. 

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so many things with the adjustments can affect how the panels sit on the tubular supper 

just a slacken/ reposos. of the wheelarch clamps may give some relief   its a jigsaw of just what affects what 

bonnet fits is a black art that gives many hours of fun 



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So, DJB, the across top panel support bar meets (touches/ is flush to) the top bonnet centre panel? Or does it sit away from it by small margin?

I don't have a bad fit at the bulkhead, though. And have had many good hours faffing with the new bonnet cones. It's odd, the bonnet having had new Rimmer wings fitted, does, in its entirety, seem fractionally wider than it was! 

The catches do seem to want to 'pop' open somewhat (pothole problem?!?!) 


Playtime again . . . !

Thanks All

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3 hours ago, DJB350Z said:

I didn't know those pads existed. Mine doesn't have them. Wonder if they're available somewhere to buy.

Still available, part number 608643  - packing piece or packing sponge, about 40p each. I replace my bootlid support tube and now they just fall out, so have left them out for a time.

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4 hours ago, Colin said:

Thanks Colin.

I actually can't think of their function!

Both the bonnet tube and the bootlid frame sit lower than the metal skin, and there's a gap between; the rubber pads prevent vibration either through the normal running of the engine or going over bumpy roads, where everything flexes and would probably make noisy contact.

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I think I have some rubber foam somewhere - I'll cut some out and add/replace. 

Dawns on me if the one has become 'spacey' with wing replacement, there may have been some change to the build equilibrium . . .


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