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Poor Quality Parts (again)


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My rotoflex GT6 has developed a rubbing noise from the rear nearside hub. Its just passed its MOT with no issues but the noise has got annoying. I have already had both drums off and checked all the drive-shafts etc and found nothing untoward.

I decided to have another look today and noticed that the outside edge of the brake shoe had been rubbing against the side of the drum (IE not the braking surface).After a bit of investigation I noticed that the spring that holds the shoe against the backplate was not doing its job. The spring had been purchased during the restoration of the car and on comparing it with an original I found it was about half the thickness. Replacing it was a second hand original solved the problem.

Another case of pattern parts not being fit for purpose.


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Sounds like the same issue I had on my Toledo. It meant the shoe was jumping off the handbrake lever. 

Shocking that rubbish like this actually sells, but I guess until people realise that best is NOT cheapest, and that new is better than old, I guess we are stuck with what we get.


Now to calm down and have a cuppa....

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It's been a while since Chris posted this, but I thought I would share my own experience of poor quality parts. I had to replace the fuel pump on my Vitesse Mk I and decided to buy an electric pump (since I live in Scandinavia and original Triumph parts are hard to find here & expensive to send from the UK). I found one electric pump that according to the seller (Biltema) should have a max pressure of 1,5 PSI which would be perfect for my old Strombergs. I had a lot of problems with flooding carbs, but I trusted that the pump pressure would meet the spec from the supplier. After I had taken my Strombergs apart for about a dozen times, I finally decided to measure the fuel pressure. It was over 6 PSI (!) a lot more than the max 2,5 PSI fuel pressure specified by Triumph. No wonder they where flooding...

The worst thing is not all the unnessesary hours spent trying to fix my Strombergs, but the fact that pumps with pressure above the specified max pressure can cause a fire if the fuel hits a warm exhaust (nearly happened for me, I could have seen my Vitesse go up in flames)

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Just removed some who knows what rubber bushes from the 2000 drag struts after doing just 500 miles


these where from a second line suplier but replicate the old ones, ( sure ther'ye sold by many)

I didnt go poly as I felt this was not worth it....!!!!!

idnt fail its mot but the guy said I can see this is all rebuilt but look at this rattle and clank


well that explains the steering wander which didnt improve with the re build


the rubber has delaminated and worn away allows the strut to have more float than the 41 year olds I replaced


fitted some superflex and ....yes transformed



so cheap yes , crap yes,

indian rubber or chinese bungy who knows

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Back to wiper blades.....

I bought a set from who ever I was getting an order from ages ago. Went on the car just before the MoT, and the other day they had to be used. Hopeless......


these are the shiny (I doubt stainless?) ones sold as Tex or lookalike, and not cheap.

Just fitted the generic blades I buy for under £2 a pop, happen to be 10" mini ones as we have a Mini too. They are much better. And black, which is handy as I found the original black arms almost as soon as I fitted the shiny replacements. 


I suspect the Tex type ones would be fine with replacement rubbers, seems to be a problem with all rubber stuff in the classic market.

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Fitting a refill makes a cheap and workable , I had some new tex and yes harder rubber thannin my suspn

bushes , a cheap refill cut to length was a cheap transformation Tex certianly seem to have a pretty

Basic and fundamental problem


I did try some aero type squeegee blades on the vitesse but hopless ,the fitting was so enormouse it was

like having a Mouse on the arm in the sweep.


Wilst shiny is original on most how many have found the sun reflects right into your sight line

from the arm base and need to black tape it to cut reflection




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