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Problem greasing driveshaft UJ's


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Hi everyone


Vitesse Mk1 2Litre


Having a problem getting enough clearance between the yolk and the other part of UJ to fit a long (1 1/8") grease nipple at 90 degrees to be able to screw it in.


Have raised the axle up and this almost gave enough clearance, but not quite.


Am I doing something wrong please.


Cheers, Dave

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most dont get to grease them


and to add to your post about threads , fitted one today repairing a failed UJ for a local member

with a 6mm metric greaser made in taiwan


too short to get a gun on, had to die a old unf one to get some length and it still doesnt work


so made a grub screw and blanked it off........for life what ever that will be

Maybe need one about 2" long so the gun is well out of the uj

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Thanks for getting back Pete.


Sorry, but not sure what you meant by "yes".  I am getting it wrong, or yes there are nipple access problems with some UJ's.


If so,are the castings a different size/shape?.


When my blanking plug was out, looking into the hole it was all spotless inside, like it had never been greased!.


Cheers, Dave

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Yes ..dont do it, yes access is often hopless, ride till it knocks then replace it not what you wanted,,,!!!


I could suggest knock the ball from the extened nipple attach a short tube/hose

fit 2nd nipple in tube and you have a bendy fits inside the yoke greaser with the grease gun remote from the uj just a wild idea that should work

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David, uj come as an assembly , cross pin and cups all ready to run, you would be wrong to attempt to mix and match, to start with different makes have different sizes and depths of journal and cup design the chance you buy exactly whats already fitted is most unlikely


You can buy them from e bay or club shop or any suppliers from £3 to much more


freelander are the best as they are slightly larger bearings


These dont need lots of librication and generaly last for many more miles than we need

dont get hooked on needing to grease these


are you current ones running into trouble ????

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Hi Pete


No props at present. Always like to do preventative maintainance if pos, but not easy on these I guess.


Car is my only transport, so any knowledge gained now, maybe saves time and ease in the future. or maybe I'm just anal.


It seems the Freelander hardy spicer ones are recomended, though one supplier has 2 types at £20/£40. Is this brand over engineered for cars do you think.


Cheers Dave 

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You can can from eg http://www.paddockspares.com/tvf100000-propshaft-uj.html

get freelander ones from factors for peanuts, or up the £ and garth has them in club shop


the answer is yes the bigger journalist is better than std but just look how long the smaller impoverished

std uj has lasted ,, generally more years than enough


you pays your money and makes a choice


I had some freelander from a local factors tfv100000 for £5


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