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½ shafts, bearings or diff, noise from, unloaded


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I got my Vitesse 1600 on axle stands ready for rear hub overhaul and UJ renewal.


I did turn the ½ shafts by hand and noticed some balanced and smooth but never the less noticeable soft clicking noise from either the diff's inner parts or the inner most hub needle bearing.

My question is if there's always  some noise from the diff also in an unloaded set up as described.


If so I don't have to renew bearings.



regards, Flemming

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 Hi Flemming,

diffs dont tend to make noises when turned by hand   


this sounds more like the shaft UJ or the  hub inboard needles are in trouble,, certainly look at them first , 


its unusual for the diff output shafts bearing to give any problems apart from oil leaks , its easy to remove a short shaft ,just the 4 socket screws but its a sod to get the old bearings off,  dont go there unless its proven 



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